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Friday, November 5, 2010

pfff !

it was a very wonderful day i should say. waking up in the morning and ate roti telur with teh tarik with the parents is the thing that i should do more often. right after that, an outing with someone i adore really make my day the day i don't want to forget. strolling around the city and cursing at waitress or whatever it is at Pizza Hut Kubang Kerian created an awesome and splashing memory. not to forget is that waiting for someone else for 1 hour and half is the most lovely thing to end the outing. done with all that, went back home and found out that everybody has gone. it didn't surprise me. took a bath and drove to KFC Drive-Thru to buy a set of jom jimat sudaa. and a drink 'Mountain Dew'. Do do do do the dew !!! yeah. being alone at home and ate the twister with my lappy next to me is the part i like. and then, stirring the hot milo and drank it till the last drop of it make me feel WALLAWEYH!!! rain do make me feel rejuvenate myself. with the cold rain weather i could daydream about living in oversea..haha

mode: stdy pnb. chayok !


gEnEraL aRe-yiE aL-BaNjaRi said...

ooo...p date la die kan....lupa kat kite dh....:(

apsal lgu sme nih....ish3...

mE iS aS said... lagi..haha

lagu same ka??awk pum minat ryan cabrera gak ke???

nana said...

15/11 smpai kb =)

mE iS aS said... last pper 15 tu...