Great souls endure in silence

~00~Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself and know that everything in this life has a purpose~00~


Friday, April 30, 2010


i am disriminating the outsiders??
hell no..
last night, senior told me that, ur geng are in the list of.."sek puok2"
and i was seriously shocked like hell..hahah..
we laughed after heard that hot kerr?? 
here, i am on behalf of seepy geng would like to thx to those who are talking bout us..wahhh, femes gak seepy ni..haha.
it is just coincidence that we are from the same state..we are not choosing to be friend by looking at state or status or, hmmm 
a) wauu she is rich lets be friend with her..
b) look at her, so beautiful..
c) eeeuuu she's org luar..dont be friend with her

i tell u olls, what is the matter to pilih kasih smpai cmtu skali...what will we 4-flat??bullshit!
i really pissed-of when all of these happen to me..really want to confront with the people who say like that..meh rr...ape barang ckp blkg2..dayus kerr????opsss...ahha

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

he will leave me soon

if he does so, i do not know how my life will be

ashway team

staring with gedixis..

putsal or futsal??

Sunday, April 25, 2010

girls day out

firstly i wanted to take dis opportunity to welcome our new member of SEEPPY GENG...(jeng3)
siti qurratul aini ulfa bt rodin jaya or aka aini aka auntie..
first we hang out together at laka tembakah..that was really cool gals..


it seems annoying when a person talks about religion but at da same time he also do the sins. well, normal k..humans do sins..the motif that i wanna write here not act like ur perfect in everything..from externally, i know you. and my friend does know u internally. u used to be her 'syg'. so we all know you laah. ok. i accepted ur advice that ..*^^%$#@%^&...but were u not do that too???(big question markS here). uhh tiring to hear all those 'ceramah' that u told me..
i am of what i am..and for every sin that i do, i`ll pay for it. end~

bye bye debate

that night we were having an audition session for debaters. da new one. after he took over the admin for english orienter club aka debaters..he ruined everything..(sory,hehe)...well actually it was just a simple adjustment in management. he had chosen 6 best speakers to be participate in tournament.. for around da corner is PISZA open. so the selected are sis beth, sis nina, qis, adam, jeff and sis yoe..congrats guys!
and i was not the chosen one..(not like him: da chosen one) :P not sad instead, glad to be leftover..thx God.speaking da truth.. i started to fell stress in first, we were debating just suke2 aje..but when he comes, everything seem different..going to be serious and more serious..uhh stress la gini..:(

for da next tourney which is in merlimau, around August..i wanna go!food!

adam oh adam!

adam - 1 month in age

mummy su-da 'kenak'er

adam's mom aka my sis lol

adam is sleeping..looks so chubby in cheeks..btw his lips..hahhaha...xley blaa r dam

love to conquer all

without my realize
my love to u is growing day by day
u make my life full with joys
no more tears.
thx syg

but, it is normal when we get a fight or a lil bit quarrel,
because from these it means that we are caring to each other
so next time, lets fight!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a perfect night

telling u the truth, for the rest of my life, i haven date someone seriously..but starting last would change everything..he made my heart pumping so he??hahhaha..a little la(still ego)

i always dream about having a candle light dinner with a guy(for sure la)..and last night was the night where he and me got together..just two of us..i felt like err..god, what should i do??he made it..he did it...dear, why u did it to me?and why me?all those questions were flying in my head..and im speechless..i will remember of what had happened last night.i swear to i in the real world?i have nothing to say anymore except im starting to heart u syg..

p/s having candle light dinner at 20 age.awesome is it?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

happy birthday for today
ur’re kind and sweet i must say
with moments worth a million hugs
talks, with ice blended in those glasses

ur heart and values seem so right
we share our views without a fight.(errr??haha)
our memories live with eyes so true
adventures grow in a life’s canoe

i wish u more than words can say
that u will never, cease to play
happy birthday for today
i’m here for u, on this special day
i heart u dear...

Monday, April 19, 2010