Great souls endure in silence

~00~Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself and know that everything in this life has a purpose~00~


Monday, May 31, 2010

so its over now

yesterday, i was ended my second semester with wholeheartedly..~grining
actually, the last day will be on 3rd june, but i cant wait anymore..really wanna come home. if i was there, there's nothing i can do. no class (obviously) events (ye kerr) programs that i involve after being blacklisted by caklempong fault! regret at all..except for lepaking with my seepy gengs..
nisa, fara,jie,aini,boo,solah n mooja..
he had left me alone..wahh..haha. he was kicked-out earlier gler2 r..sokay la..senior kn. can do anythings that he wanna do. junior only can just see and learn from that..and aplikasi kn later on..
the night before he went home,, fara n jie sent him to bus station at jerteh..his bus is at 10.15pm..we departed from mktb at early ahh..well, done our prayer at masjid jerteh and have our dinner at kopitiam..around 9.15, went to kfc for fara n jie to take-out...and now, it left only me and him in the first, the situation went silence.just the sound of air conditioner..nseb baik that time, my heart pumped seriously.i just afraid be with a car.dark place.lorong.uhhh..hahah..dirty minded.wth?

then, he started to speak.asking me
knape syap?

and i answered
nothing to say laa..sengeh2..

haha..i told him about his simcard .wanna return to him..and that made his mood burst-up.sorry. he started to emo kot. a lil bit quarrel happened there.


a few minutes later, everything is back to normal.haha..gaduh2 manje la ktkan..ahakzz.
fara n jie came and we straight to the bus station..buang die and rushing back to campus.
remember before 10!!
i drove like hell. 100km/h with hazard lights on.really my mind, deeply i miss him. my tears gland starts to open but i forced myself..not now k!!...hold on..haha..
finally..arrived in front of postguard safely. 9.57pm.

tagged from aini (sorry,,lame xon9)

1. adakah anda rase anda hot.??
~ ye, hot r..pnas r duk kt kg ni..panas jek manjang

2. bila kali terakhir sy makan pizza?
~ooo igt2..time kua dgn fakhri n abe blanja la ktkan..ratah je :)

3. lagu terakhir yang sy dengar..
~smlm lyn hindustan..hehe..surraj hu ma mantum from KKKG(ntah btl ke x spelling)

4. Ape yg anda wat slaen menyelesaikn tag ni?
~mggaru kakiku y gatai2, mengelip2 mata, menaip, mlakukan kmahiran bfikir, dduk atas kusi...

5. slaen nme sndri, anda dipnggil nme ap?
~adik nor (pamili), as or asmad (prens), yang(for him only)

6. tag ag 8 org. y sy nk tag, sudah dikebas oleh aini la..uhh..kaco daun tol..haha.xpe la..nk tag jgk
7. Siapakah org nO 1 kpd anda.
~ohh...die adlah syg sy

8. Ktakn ssuatu mengenai org nO 5. 
~die kwn sy. skol maher. genius, putih+gebu orgnye, ade kete viva

9. nO 3 ad hbungan ngn spe?
~haha..sweet kapel ni..mest la dgn tuan arief die..huhu

10. bgaimne pula ngn nO 4.
~die ni plk..mamat xtau la die ade affair dgn sape..y taunye, die ni mmg pelik

11. Pesanan buat org nO 6
~pesanan tbaekk pnyer ni...WOIII UPDATE LA BLOG HANG TU...apo nesh

12. Kta2 cinta utk org nO 2.
~hehe,alamak..hmmm..jage lah si die baek2 ea..moga2 kekal smpai bile2..huhu

13. Adkah nO 7 & 8 mempunyai persmaan?
~mest la ade..both org johor, both classmates sy..both lelaki..:P

14. Berikan 5 yg anda tau ttg org yg men-tag anda.
~ aini, dak sains, knl sbb teammate debate, seppy geng, lap u so muacx

15. persmaan antra kmbing ngn lembu
~ both xkenal sy

16. perasaan anda wat tag ni.
~rase nk mandi kolam y de ais...panas sgt nie...nk p lata!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

B last he just be like me. a blogger. congratulations dear. what a great move.haha so after this, it will be more easy for us to share anything that a lil bit secret or privacy need to post it on fb or what-so-ever..just post here..we are gonna write and comments one knows...except for the followers laa.huhu.
to the bloggers out there, please follow this blog..order to: muni,zaim,zahar,aini n etc...

dlah's bday:part-one


lady i am..your fans.hehe. since her songs became boomm superb awesome singles like herself..i was totally froze..her songs..her voice..her appearance.her hair style..her make ups..her...ahhhh..everything about her laaa..i never saw anyone else like her..she's the one..the creater..
oh it had been a very long time i am not posting any post envy with bloggers out there, nana, zaim, muni, zahar, aini n so such a lazy one.if i say that, the reason is lack of bout them???so lazy is the best ans here..fine
wht am i going to write here?ahh..things keep flying in my head so many things/issues/gossips (i like)/events/problems/love perhaps etc..
and back again..hi bloggers..with me five guys.let us recalled what had happened since my last post.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

the toughest women in my heart

I love my mother yes i do, for she is the one that has been there too! I love my mother yes i do. For if i had no mother like the one i do, i would be lonely, clueless, as well as you. I love my mother yes i do for she is the one that taught me too. So HAPPY MOTHERS DAY FOR ALL OF THOSE MOTHERS OUT THERE TOO!

Monday, May 3, 2010

the truly me

(a) Tulis 23 perkara rawak (random) tentang diri anda (tak kisah ler benda tu fakta ke angan-angan ker cita-cita ker imaginasi ker tentang 'body' ker awek, pakwe, makwe etc.)
(b) Tag lak benda ni kepada rakan blog anda (sekurangnya 5 orang)
(c) Kalau tak ikut peraturan, di mana keseronokan "TAG-TAGGED-TAGGING" ni :)
1) im a gal
2) with 45 kg, 153 cm
3) taking social science in ipg besut
4) surrounded with the best best buddies eva
5) hate liar, and backstabber(damn)
6) a selfish, stingy and hot-tempered person
7) a good listener
8) a great lover, once ive been in a relationship, i want it last forever
9) a lil bit naughty n pampered
10) b4 dis, really hate,not anymore
11) outside-im with 6 jahanam geng
12) inside- im with seppy geng
13) a taekwondo fighter
14) eager to go overseas
15) during schooltime, wanna be a vet
16) last couple was in form 4
17) looking for branded stuffs ( with terms n conditions)
18) a youngest daughter
19) very hard to fall in love
20) dont trust nobody
21) i love u oll
22) happy with my life
23) im mostly taken ;p

so, persons who are lucky are......jeng3

Sunday, May 2, 2010

smile in the morning

today is the first day i saw him in the morning...before this he is having his practical in the school..when he entered my class, i cant look at him..i was mesmerized by his encemnes..opsss.instead of, just keep staring at my lappy with lady gaga's singing in my, suke la..ngeh3...(senyum kambing).

oh no!

tagged from aini, original from sarah:
1. go to your photo files, select the 8th photo folder.
2. select the 8th photo in that folder.
3. post that photo with the story behind it
4. then challenge 8 blogging friend to do the same.

but,sorry i cant complete dis tag because ive lots of folder for my photo albums dear..

do not know which folder that i should use..there are too many...haha..

Saturday, May 1, 2010

ive been tagged???

1- FIVE name that people call you

##adik nor (family only k)
## as (member2)
## asmad (kenkadang jer)
## kak noora (zaim jer kot,ngengade!)
##yang (just for 'he' only)

2- FIVE important dates in your life

## 15 feb (i was born daa)
## 23 oct ( mom's bday)
## 9 oct ( abah plk)
## 25 july (s0leh fathi)
## 21 april (die,die,die)

3- FIVE things that you done yesterday

## met him :)
## hang out with buddies
## jage adam
## mkn pizza (tanpa mngeluarkan sesen pom)

4- FIVE ways to be happy

## smile lol~
## be with seeppy (bkn stkat epi,malah gilo!)
## gayut2 nga die (die sewel+mengong)
##hanging out with frens
## balik umah!!!

5-FIVE favourite movies

## twilight saga
##harry potter
##vampires diaries
## ice age

6- FIVE favourite hobbies

##watching vampires diaries( alif, episod sterusnye plzz)
##lepaking with seepy
##golek2 ats katil lol~

7- FIVE favourite people

##edward cullen
##jacob black
##orlando bloom
##lady gaga
##die (kot :P)

8- FIVE favourite places for vacation

##genting theme park
##bandung (huhu...abah!nk ikut..)

9- FIVE reasons you answers the survey

## zaim tagged me(siap ugut ag tu...takutnyerrrr)
##post entry for today.haha
##nothing to do right now,so....
##cam best jerrr(mcm laa)
##ahhh byk nye..suke ati aku lah..uhh

10- FIVE persons to tag

p/s actually..dis is the 1st time ive been tagged...credix to zumiela...:) time, plz  do so ek..haha