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Monday, November 22, 2010

dear mohamad fakhri bin abdul manan

this song i dedicated specially for u :)

Don't forget me
I'm hopin' that you won't forget me

There's no doubt I blew it bad
Gave up the best love that I ever had
I never thought I could be so sad, 'til now

Please remember
I'm hopin' that you will remember
That the times we were together

It wasn't always stormy weather
There were even times when the sun came shinin' through

And I know we've gone to the partin' of our ways
And I know we've said all the things that we could say

And I know I can put myself back together again
If the fate will let you
But don't forget me

I'll remember
You know that I will always remember
And I hope you have a peaceful life

You never had while I was your wife
And though I know there is nothin' I can do
I'll never forget you

Don't forget me
Don't forget me

the phrases that i bold are truly mean to me. :)

p/s did i spell ur name right ? btw, sorry im running out of credit. hehe

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