Great souls endure in silence

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Thursday, October 29, 2009


in this life, justice is just a word..those who are rich, famous will win the justice..whereas those who are poor, will lose it. so where is the justice? thats not what we call justice then.err what im talking about actually..haha.
everybody seems hate answer.LIKE I CARE!...simple
we are living in this world, we have right to hate someone that we dislike. and we have right to like someone that we love..euuu,haha. same goes to me. i have people that i dislike n like..everyone has..right? but it doesn't matter..we can't get angry owing to that. just let them. we are we..i am i. just be ourselves. no need to be hypocrite. n for things i did wrong, i ask humbly forgiveness from u. n for things u did wrong, no need to say sorry..because i already forgive u...

p/s this is a general post..not specific one. so its open. no names involved.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


sir yahya, we were so sorry because disappointed u...we promise we'll never do it again..

Friday, October 23, 2009


23 october 2009..i got three, zahraa n abg akimullah..this is a gift to zahraa..
to my mom, later on i'll put the pic k..because all pics are in my mom's i haven't bluetooth them abg akimullah lak, just wishes from us via sms...and through abg wan nor lai's phone num..because i dont have his num lol...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

become mama?

adopting edward...
IT is so small..can be put on my palmedward n bella~

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

pillow talk

time: 12.30am to 2.30am...
venue: 102-C
specific location: blue love bed and pink spiral bed
people: as & zahraa
topic: #*$@%

Monday, October 19, 2009

me, u, we, us...

due to your decision that i waited for bout 2 days...i need to delete my previous post...hehe..and thanks buddy..welcome back!

why are u so obsessed with me??

i don't have any feeling...yes, i am weird..

Sunday, October 18, 2009

i supposed...

dear zumiela7,
i supposed to accept the fact that ur leaving us.
i supposed to support u in whatever ur decision is.
i supposed to happy with u.
i supposed to smile and say congrats to u.
i supposed to b by ur side and share the happiest moment in ur life.
i supposed to think positive although i don't know what might come in future..ops..we even don't know it.
i supposed to be proud of u because have got the offered.
i supposed to snap lots of pictures with u because ur gonna leave soon..
i supposed to force u to treat me nasi ayam dpn maktab tu..
i supposed to ask u to sing for me..lagu ct-mlwan ksepian.
i supposed to lepak with u at keluang beach. and lastly
i supposed to kill u...hua3

Saturday, October 17, 2009


how could you have done things things and live with no regret?
how could you not remember what you said, how could you forget?
how could you say you'd do it, and then never really follow through
but really, i just have one question to ask ... i just want to know, how could you??
is friendship fragile? it’s a really difficult question, please, try to think it over...any ideas?...On the one hand we should reply NO!!!...friendship is bond for life...we have friends all over the world...all of them are we most of us are...but we still have strong friendship for life...just not see or talk to each other each day...there are lots of mobile society these days, so we can be together in many many different ways..(this is the true as's thinking, sorry guys-negative me is just a fake)

Friday, October 16, 2009

a story of a shame

first shame was...bout my car..when i drove to kuala besut with buddies. out of sudden, it got a 'serious' prob..i tried to start the engine several times but failed to-do-so. three of us didn't know what to do..the watch shown at 7.05pm..agaga...
what -to-do??pe ag, terus call my saviour, amri..told him what happened and asked the solution for that stupid* prob..unlucky he didn't know neither then passed the phone to dayat...
he said maybe because of battery..the battery was empty or weak, sort of that.. are we going back???sya seemed panic and xsenang duduk...while zahraa eaten keropok udang...haha. both of the guy were coming and try to get us as fast as they save us..wah..
after 20minutes, they arrived. and dayat tried to adjust the wateva..dunno larh..then automatically, in a blink of an eye...the engine was started..yippie..
second shame was during on our way to back home..sempena deepavali's holiday..i dropped at caltex to isi minyak ler...but hehe..couldn't manage to open the cap and yet to isi the minyak la..then asked the pakcik nearby to help..double shame on me...buek probih boreh joh..kuang3

Monday, October 12, 2009

great job...

well done..we did it! was an awesome performance.(ye kerr)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

a moment to remember

a moment to remember to him..and yet all of us.huhu
a surprise birthday party to anwar kamarudin. my classmate.
11/10/09-anwar, from 17 to 18...just one thing we want from u..plz plz plz be more matured(sesaje je, no words to say)
venue: cafe kaklong
time: 10.30
people: ks sem 1.
thanks guys coz willing to spend time together. and the reward is what eat eat zumiela did..3 pieces of cake.(well done).haha
the mastermind to this big plan is ** (secret recipe). and actually the plan goes like this. when i scrutinized the name list of ks.i saw the upcoming besday through their ic's. then 11/10/91 which is anwar..damn!(ops) when sha n i on our way to back to campus(by car), we had a plan.we discussing bout the flow and messaging with others.and lastly, great..just waiting for the time and HIM.after maghrib, me n zahraa went to bakery and bought a cake and stuffs.around 10 c'clock, we, girls prepared for the party but at the same time, we kept the surprise and acted like usual. COOL beb. he didn't expect anything unless just for lepak2 or powwow..then jeng3
SURPRISE!!! happy birthday to u...bla3...the most vital for this besday party was prank time!
here we go:nuar makes wish-plz let me fall in luv.hahabug amongs flowers

we girls
in the end of this party, nuar came out and gave his special speech dedicated to all ks sem 1...xley blaa...end~

Friday, October 9, 2009


im too young to think bout politic
politic is not my interest
but in social study, i need to learn it and know everything bout it.
why why why???
actually consequence to this..i just wanna tell that ive done coursework for science politic..agaga

Thursday, October 8, 2009

choir ipgmksm

10 year of ipgm ksm
we, ppismp ks sem 1 are IN...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

debat bm??

when i was at melaka for english debate, my friends were involved in debat bm inter-unit at campus. but we kept connecting to each other to know the latest news. my class, ks sem1 had won the 4th place and one of the speakers, zaim is announced as the top ten best speaker-7th..congrats to him. thanks because bringing up our class..huhu
and last night, i watched the final round of debat bm. the match was between ks sem 3 VS dream was ntah pe2 debat to me because i didnt know what they were saying actually. haha.actually debat bm and english debate is very different.i found that debat bm is too skema and dont know lah..wateva~but i do learned from last night that being a debater whether bm or english it doesnt matter. the most vital is we expose to this world, learn, gain knowledge and try the best the win the competition.-pink girl is not one of 'em-(nyebokk jer)

Monday, October 5, 2009

shopping time!

due to lack of margin, both teams were not qualified to enter to quarter not sad at all..instead, we have a great great time together. went to dataran pahlawan and mahkota parade.ive spend rm 347.15 to shop.oh gosh, my money...what a shopaholic girl..then we watched movie, G-FORCE..all of us, included madam and her sgt!a famosa

buying new moon's edward-droolingat dataran pahlawan~agaga