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Monday, December 29, 2008

z00 negara

on 28 dicember,my family and i went to zoo negara(cm essay bdk skul rndah je)..haha

out of control??

the first word that was came out from my mouth after nik told me that

as,kuliah start 5hb laa...

was FU*K!!..feels like wanna `bakar je` uitm kuantan..arghh..then,im rushing call nabil,told her about this and she replied me

no lah,2hb laa..with mdm shima

uhh,im hot now..back to call nick aliff..he asked me to call the right person and confirmed with her/,i called en.zul and yes,the toturial class will be start on jan,5..SETTLE!!..wth??

Friday, December 26, 2008

bye bye kelantan...-home sweet home-

tomorrow morning,i`ll be off to once again i need to say these words..BYE BYE..bye bye kelantan,home,family and friends..remember that how far we go,kelantan were we belong..


last night, i cried...i think that was the first time i cried, after the BTN last month..why did i cry???because of HIM.he made me cried.but its not his`s fault..instead the person who caused the problem was guilty..really sorry to HIM,forgive me dear...

i love this song so was so melodious till made me sleepy.damn it! im addicted now...

Butterfly by Weezer

Yesterday I went outside
With my momma's mason jar
Caught a lovely butterfly

When I woke up today
And looked in on my fairy pet
She had withered all away
No more sighing in her breast

I'm sorry for what I did
I did what my body told me to
I didn't mean to do you harm
But everytime I pin down one I think I want
It slips away - the ghost slips away

Smell you on my hand for days
I can't wash away your scent
If I'm a ** then you're a **

I guess you're as real as me
Maybe I can live with that
Maybe I need fantasies
A life of chasing butterfly

I'm sorry for what I did
I did what my body told me to
I didn't mean to do you harm
But everytime I pin down one I think I want
It slips away - the ghost slips away

I told you I would return
When the robin makes his nest
But I ain't never comin' back
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry

now,ive got u and so do u dear..keep remember that ...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


today,went out with dlah,hanis and fathi..met ben and aleh at noodle station...we chatted each other..continue in settle'ling' fathi`s notebook..haha...few minutes later...came wanwan and his friends..but not to join me laa..he just went to sit and eat bussiness with us..haha.seems like they were having reunion kot..lantak and my buddies were sit at the end of the corner because there is a plug..i need to recharging notebook...the battery was empty ler...huhu

we 'mkn2' n 'minum2'...not forgetting,laughing and story mory and also gossiping..haha.nazif also was there with his neighbour..but i didn`t see them.luckily..haha

Sunday, December 21, 2008

gL0ry gL0ry msIa...

yestersay,i watched badminton super series 2008 final match..huhu...for msia team,im so proud of u guys and congrates!!

the first winner,Chong Wei got it right with a sensational 21-8, 21-16 win over Denmark’s Peter Gade-Christensen in the final of the Super Series Masters Finals at the Likas Indoor Stadium in Kota Kinabalu yesterday....the win earned him the biggest tournament prize money of his career — US$40,000.

Malaysia’s also won the men’s and women’s doubles through Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong and Chin Eei Hui-Wong Pei Tty respectively.... and the three successes will go into the history books as the country’s best-ever achievement in a major individual championships. the duo put up a fantastic show yesterday to end the hot streak of South Koreans Lee Yong-dae-Jung Jae-sung, winning the men’s doubles final of the Super Series Masters Finals 21-18, 21-14...the efforts of koo and tan in the finals was worth US$42,000.

the duo lived up to their top billing to take the Super Series Masters Finals women’s doubles title with a hard-fought 21-15, 22-20 victory over Indonesians Lilyana Natsir-Vita Marissa at the Likas Indoor Stadium in Kota Kinabalu yesterday...

That was a very good achievements to msia and also to the players as well..and they took these as a christmas`s gift,hohoho..congrates again..MALAYSIA BOLEH!!..

met HIM...

thank you so so so much abg!!...what a great day today...huhu..went out to meet fathi..after a very long time we didn`t see each other...hmm last time we met..hmm if i not mistaken, last year..haha

we lunch at A@W..while he was eating the waffer, i was repairing his notebook...because there were some error problems occured in his i tried to settle them...well im not so pretty expert in this matter..but bley la sket2..haha..due to i need to rush home,so we just met for about almost 2hours..and my dad called,asked me to back home...ahha

"adk dk mano nih??balik!!"
~dk kbmol.ok.~
(haha,lucu sumguh dialog,haha)

unlucky,the process of installation antivirus and ym didn`t success yet,so i need to bring home his notebook..without the charger..haha..before we go home respectively..this is the time..exchanged the 'buah tgn'..he gave me a handbag..hehe..and i gave him a pdi t-shirt..brown in color..actually the shirt came out with,one for me and one for sweet! that.haha-thanks abg.actually this handbag,his mom bought in jakarta.really touched!hehe..i like it

Friday, December 19, 2008


the final result had just released

ive checked it and got it..a dozen disappointed and regretted..frustated..hmm what else??
just got `ckup2 mkn jer`...haha. what made me very very dissatisfied and ashamed is...for islamic education,i got C+...what the hell of it???uhhh....really don`t know what ive done when im answering that paper..that was really worst..nver in my life i got that sucks grade.
but..after this holiday i`ll meet the lecturer and try to talk bout it..because i just can`t believe it.

below are details bout my result for the 1st sem..huhu
msian studies-->B
islamic ed.studies 1-->C+
college reading 1-->B+

college writing 1-->B
listening & speaking 1-->B

grammar 1-->B

college stdy skills-->A-

computer literacy-->A
total of credits value=62.99
total credits=20

average grade value=3.15(ckup2 mkn jer)
p/s really need to struggle nxt sem and get more than this..god willing..i wanna continue my stdies in B.Ed TESL uitm....

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


ARGHH!!..its happend again

my sickness is back..uhh..really cant stand of it.yesterday i got an appoinment with speacialist from usm. ORL part.actually i have problem with my ears.i got that last year and till now it didn`t recover thats why i met the speacialist.but it doesn`t mean that i have sound lah..i still can hear sounds laa..

i do know what kind of illness that im having now..there are some liquid that flowing out from my ears..and that liquid are stickly and yellowish smelly..last night,i got that moment,i feel like im dying.its really horrible.because well,im not ready for sinful!

i hope that i will recover soon.i fed up with medicines that i need to take them almost everyday.three times a day..uhhh

flowers for algernon

this kind of novel was interesting to read. i`ve finished it by last week. at first, i found that it was an ordinary novel and it bored me. but after i entered the climax, i realized that...wau,this novel was differ from other and it have some special parts that i totally sure that for those who read this will not be worth!..ahha

is it nabil??haha...mostly in PR14!!!...lalala

The story "Flowers for Algernon", by Daniel Keyes, is about a mentally retarded person, named Charlie who had an operation to increase his intelligence, but the operation was a failure and Charlie is slow again. He wants to move now so society won’t ridicule him for being slow again. Daniel Keyes wrote this short story for good reasons.

In the short story, Charlie Gordon is a 37-year-old man with an IQ of 68 who works as a janitor at Donnegan's Plastic Box Factory. He is selected to undergo an experimental surgical technique to increase his intelligence, since a similar experiment on Algernon, a laboratory mouse, has been quite dramatically successful. The surgery is successful and Charlie's IQ triples.

Charlie falls in love with his former teacher, Miss Kinnian, but as his intelligence increases, he surpasses her intellectually and they become unable to relate to one another. Also, his new intelligence scares his co-workers at the factory; they start a petition to have him fired and when Charlie finds out about it, he quits his job. As Charlie's intelligence peaks, Algernon suddenly declines—losing his increased intelligence and dying shortly afterwards. Charlie discovers that his intelligence increase is also only temporary. Unable to do anything to prevent the change, Charlie reverts to his original mental state in a swift reversal of his original growth. He tries to return to his original life and job at the plastic box factory but cannot stand everyone feeling sorry for him so he decides to move away.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

they were gone!

at last,everythings back to normal..

my sis,bro and cousin had go back to their sis has took the flight on thursday at 5pm to s.alam. my mom n i send her to airport..and this morning,turned on to my bro n his wife..they went back to puchong by car.

now,left at home are mom,dad,apih n ME!...ops not forgetting our `rakyat`..haha

Monday, December 8, 2008


as usual i didn`t go to solat raya...i woke up a bit late. without taking my breakfast we rushed to B.Abal (my mom`s village). my dad has a part in qurbaniah there. i wore green baju kurung on that day. it was a drizzy day..and it brings the situation of qurban a little harder. while waiting for the qurban when to the end, i met my cousins..ilah and kaklong.

we took a few pictures and played some lighthearted moment. late evening, back to home and after maghrib..when to PC (dad`s village),because at night there has majlis tahlil..for my late grandpa

after that, got online..

conclusionly, my raya was just ordinary like others..huhu

Sunday, December 7, 2008

raya`s night...

hehe..the hilarious moment is coming now..that is RAYA HAJI aka RAYA QURBAN...or as know as in villagers,"rayo meleh lembu"-haha..the best part is my sis+bro will be back soon...opss they were already here laa...

compulsory event that we might held was barbeque. commonly after the qurban, we will prepare all the materials to start the barbeque.

hmm the most part that i really love is 'perut lembu'...huhu but to my mom that is the hardest part to be clean..because all the dirties in it. so it takes times to clean it and make it white and odourless. a day before raya comes,my family had went back to village. but a little bit disappointed because my cousin,seli also didn`t back to celebrate the raya..same goes to raya aidilfitri..he needs to work..pity him!haha..with juki the only one is enough to cheer us up..he kinda funny guy..

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

running of the money..

uhh.."no money no talk" : the proverb that usually use to describe when someone is running out of the money..

and i think that is suitable for me condition right now..i just realized that money is such an important element in life..without it, there is no mean..i cant go out with my friends..and it is really sucks. being at home 24 hours will ruin my mood..boring!!that is the best word.

i wanted to get job in town but my mom couldn`t let it..all she knows is, asking me to read and be at home..but im not blaming her. she`s my mom..the best mother that i`ve ever have.thanks God!

lately, in my purse just have coins only..haha..(how poor me are).it was my fault..because used the money unwisely..finished my allowance,hmm all the allowance! in my banks now,islam+bsn+maybank just left only around rm20 something each..

now let me be punished-pdm muke!

insomnia turns!

usually,i slept early..around 9 or 10 o`clock...but currently ive got insomnia..i cant sleep like this before..

so i got online and chatting till 1 or 2 am..but still didn`t sleepy..



my dad had bought a new tv lcd and air-conditioner...that cost altogether nearly rm3000..

he put these at his office..

haha..such a funny topic..