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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

prime minister?

currently at polytechnic merlimau, melaka...for 1st national enter-college english debate .will be here from today till 3rd of oct 09..
about coursework, now, ive done sej msia, pai, elp, ela...zahraa will take over as a leader of the group for temporary..hope she`ll doing fine.. and..two more left are tmk n sains politik...

alright, back to the original story.about tournament.this is the 1st tournament that ive been participated..hello world, im a new debater..our ipg had sent two teams consists of team a-(me,qis,aini n sarah),team b-(jef,adam,sis bert n sis nina)..and im in a junior team.for the 1st match, we as a government had beat up our opposition which is from cosmopoint melaka. the margin was maybe around 9 kot.seronok bkn main ag.while waiting for the result to be announce, we had snapped some pics together.(cm yakin sgt mng nyer)..haha..

2nd match, due to our rank was on the top two, so we fight with iium. at this time, we played as opposition.gabra glerr..well, as we expected earlier, iium won the match with margin 7..hehe.(kalah berbaloi rr)
hmm 3rd match, again, we as a government lost to tuan rumah, polytechnic merlimau.margin was only only one..tipis jerrr..oh this match, im not in-just be a reserve.sarah took my role as a prime minister..
ok then, last match before to quartel final..we against polytechnic seberang perai. result was undefined..lose or win..we didn't care at all..hmm but we could feel that we lost..haha..
on the other night, before going back to campus, we were having a 'dinner'..dinner with on our own budget at restaurant tpi jln..the menu was nasi ayam msk merah.
so...overall, even we were not reached to quartel final but with the valueable experiences that we gained, i think it worth enough.
now, i feel that english debate is the best la put in a nutshell(skema nyer), was a jubilant moment ever especially the 1st class hospitalities-FOOD+SERVICE=awesome!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

times up

holidays ended
will be back to campus by this evening
so long everybody-

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

eye bag ~0-0~

my eye=panda's eye...
now, the clock shows 3.08 am..and im still in front of my lappy, doing my kkp for pai..after ive done kkp for sejarah few hours ago. i need to finish it up as fast as i could. because the time is running out!!! due date is 27th. and i ve no time left. with debate tournament around the corner, my head seems like wanna explode guys.huhu.(such a hyperbole) not studying and do researching for all the motions yet.soory freaking to debate lah...agaga

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

a week before raya

these are the list of our activities by this studies sem 1 is the BiG organizer!
13th- meeting n rehearsal for quiz
14th- final round for quiz merdeka (MC with zaim)-**plz refer to previous post
15th- break the fast with social studies sem 1 at restaurant noname
16th- closing ceremony for merdeka month (MC with farrid) n break the fast with ipgmksm' familyme in red tudung17th- class ended at 12.30pm..thx ustaz, love u..huhu. went back to hometown with zahraa, sha n zaim. a very smooth journey.RAYA Oiit~00~

the organizer

social of the day

Thursday, September 17, 2009

from B to KB

saturday- at 8.30 am, we social studies were started our journey to Kota Bharu..(bunyi cm la jauh sgt) huhu..13 people with 3 cars..the drivers are ehem2 me, zahar and 'crazy' passengers, alif+zahraa+zaim
actually, the main reason why we wanna go there because requested from johorians which is they wanna know KB and get something for their family..baek btol niat dorg. so we the kelantanese just suggested lets go to parkson and kbmall. the symbols of kelantan. chewah. they did asked bout how about rantau pjng. ohh, sorry to said, i can't go there because bla3..(xshuke sane). then along the journey, we did raced for a while. for those who read this, plz don't tell my mom.hehe. i was the, follow with dayat which we called him the crazier driver, and lastly was zahar panda. bug among flowers.huhu
first, we went to parkson, pasar MPKB, mydin, kamdar n kbmall. i could feel how exhausted we were at the moment.uhh. due to our over-timing at kbmall, which is we played bowling. we need rushed back to our campus. we departed from zahraa's house at 6.30pm and stopped at restoran tok bali when azan mahgrib. zahar's group was there waiting for us because they did departed earlier. we mkn2... and not forgetting, sholat2..alhamdulillah we arrived at campus at 8.30am. so basically our 12-hours day was superb and awesome.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


oh gosh, i beat prime minister..
word that can describe my situation now is extremely miserable
my time has been fulled with work, work, else
everyday, i just sleep for about two hours..3am-5am..then got sahur with murtabak or, i missing home (jiwang da). yesterday, me and my partner of KKP MATH got very very busy in finishing our short coursework. the due date is 13th sept but we have done nothing. as usual, our principe, chillax..haha..some of us have settled but mostly not yet r. they all kept kecoh2, kalut2 in their work. and i just kept silence and watched their gelagat..deep in my heart, i giggled myself. basically yesterday i am different. till my classmate asked me,
as, nape senyap je rini?
huhu...i just answered ngantok r..sorry.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

two in the morning

i am still awake..fresh.but got lenguh2 r. my lappy is still on since now, its around 12hours already. what i am doing when others are sleepy in their comfort bed? i am finishing my kerja kursus pendek Kemahiran Belajar..together with my roommate, n classmates. we were connecting via ym, sms..that are the only ways that we have to discuss. biase la, laki kn blok lain...ok, move on to our principe. actually, me n my roommate, zahraa have decided to be cool, calm, and rushing2, kalut2, kepoh2 etc . and now, we are not submitted ours yet..huhu

Sunday, September 6, 2009

what the care means about?

u both can go to *ell lah..ur not important whether u alive or die..i don't care..ur feeling??LIKE I CARE..u do not care bout mine, y i need to care yours..its useless to care bout u..u think that u r so so so good..thats a big mistake.there are many others that are better than u.remember that!..i know that i am not perfect either.n nobody is perfect.but plz plz..i beg u.plz be a responsible person.just a little.u need to realize that u r the ** of our class.everything is related to thing that i just realized bout u is u cannot be advise.after the black moment td, i declared that u r out from my friend' list.good bye *uckers...hope u success and enjoy ur own world...(mmg kurus pose aku rini)
p/s not matured(18thn) la je la

Saturday, September 5, 2009


i am a killer???
oh no..i'm not guilty..its not my was can ask my friends.they were the witnesses of the kjadian ptg td..hmm as usual, me as the driver together with four passengers went to bazar around 5.30pm.we use the same road but today it was quiet different.with the cows everywhere and distractions by the motorcycle.out of the blues, from far i saw a cow crossed the road. urgently i slowed-down the speed.but..jeng3
suddenly the baby cow came out from mane ntah crossed the road too..that made me got shock like seeing a ghost.then quickly i presses the brake with sekuat hatiku.unfortunately it was hit by my car..everyone is stiffed especially sha..haha..then i felt exasperated with the pakcik near roadside.they laughed at could 'em..bkn nk tlg pom,uhh..dat was the story of an i reached at bazar and started to shopping a bundle of food..(ordered by zaim,alif n adzhar)..tomorrow your turn plk!

Friday, September 4, 2009


how could u leave me alone dear??
do not get misunderstood with the word 'dear' refers to my roommate,zahraa..yesterday she went back home and left me..but im not feeling sad laa..instead i just stay in my room and do works.i have lots of assignment to be done before raya..huhu
forgot to tell that, i missed so many things and events that i should post it here.but due to not enough time,so i just skipped 'em.sorry for my followers(ade ker?)haha.basically my fasting month in ipgm is better than previous years, i mean when i was in uitm.because here, i can go to bazar ramadan and buy we know, there are more choices and duit pun byk la guna.huhu.but i do manage my account properly.kene la jimat.thx to my mom because trust me.hehe.she gave her car to me so that i can move freely.but no loafing k!
and just now, we KS gang gathered at cafe and did lil bit discussion(err).we ate murtabak that was treated by zaim and some drinks+ice-cream treated by alif.thx guys!
we all time our turn k.huhu