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Saturday, January 31, 2009

back to campus..

tonight will be the night that i`ll leave kelantan..over again...dont make me change my mind..i would leave to kuantan...lalala....hahaha...(rosak lagu!)..huhu
today, i spend rm150+rm30+rm20=rm200 laa...uhh
i bought perfume from the body shop at kbmall, and then went to al-ikhsan to but bag adidas and slipa the evening,i took laundry and shopped some altogether almost rm200+ laa..uhh..when i think back again..uhh OMG.btl ke aku ni???ive not done my packing yet because there were so many things that i wanted to bring along with ticket is at,i think i`ll sleep first and then wake up maybe at 12.30am-rushing to the bus station..just near my house..5minutes way..really2 near.believe me..haha.about the assignments..proudly i would like to mention it here that...none of them were so so lazy..dunno why??
lastly,take care mom,dad and long and good bye!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


at last,he forgive,everythings back to normal more qoute I HATE BOYS..haha...poyo btl laa..
actually, i thought that he dont want to forgive me and both of us will be enemy for such a long time..i feel like depressed because i dont want to be like that..u know,study in the same class and he is my class rep..dont talk or even smile..just bmasam muka jer..its not fun! so,how we gonna to do assignment together sooner or later..i mean for drama class..for sure boys will mix with the girls. two days ago,i open my page(fs)..and saw comments..its there..he send me a comment.saying that sorry bla bla that moment,i feel relieved and relax..haha..and i replied him back... more fighting..thx

Sunday, January 25, 2009

im back again..

hello everyone,today,at 12.30pm,i arrived in my hometown safely..huhu..actually these holidays because of chinese new year+my mid,all together about a week only..well,its quite enough..(ye kerr). actually i`ve got my holiday on 26th ago..but im not going back to kelantan terus laa..instead i went to shah alam first..stayed with my sis for two days..we did shop at JJ..
we departed from home at 5am..and continue our journey to that why la..we arrived early..on our way home,we got summoned..haha..due to crosses the double rm 300 `melayang laa`...

Thursday, January 22, 2009


i got fight with my class sorry!!!....feel really down all the day..

Monday, January 19, 2009



this time,on my sunday routine usual,its movie time!i had watched first, i thought that the movie just ordinary and maybe i might sleepy in the cinema but it was totally wrong.that movie was superb!i enjoyed watch it with my buddy.haha but,i think that my buddy was not happy as me..haha..he yawned,slept, and keep on to disturb me..(kacau btl la).

well,the story is about a man that came from a planet in outta space. his name is Kainan.together with him is a bloodythirsty creature or looks like an alien known as Moorwen. Man and monster both seek revenge for violence committed against them. Moorwen killed thousands of villangers. so,Kainan trying to find ways to destroy that such ugly monster. Combining his advanced technology with ancient Iron Age weapons, the hero leads a desperate attempt to kill the monster - before it destroys them all.hehe,i think i fall in love with the main character who played as Kainan. he is James Caviezel..hansome and charming man with `beautiful` body..

Thursday, January 15, 2009


band achieved......#

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

being menace!

arghh..being ashamed by a guy in public...
the story goes like this...
this evening,i got really really embarassment moment..i went to arked for..what else,mkn laa..and then,after finished the meals..i duduk2 while waiting for the rain to that time,the rain was heavily.
on the table,i saw i took it and read them.then,a guy came and sit next to me..he just saw me..and suddenly...arghhh..he said,
kak,nati pas bace,letak sini balik ekk...(errr,i feel like im dying)
i responded,awk pnyer ke??(show him that papers)
he replied,yes!
everybody laughed at me..even myself..i was really ashamed and do not know what to happen.hahahahah.i thought that the papers was belong to arked..because arked also owned it..
as,pas ko bace,pas kt aku ekk..
haha..i laughed,in the end,the guy smiled and same as we all...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

sunday`s movie

ok,today...this morning,i went out to mega with qila. the main objective is to withdraw some money..and to watch movie..i watched THE SPIRIT with nazif..but then,qila and madi with their own story..haha,BED TIME STORIES.actually,the story was quite bored and it was err can be classified as stupid movie..haha..the plot of the story was taken from the comic.from the comic,it made movie.we did laugh non-stopped because of silly jokes by both main characters,that is SPIRIT and his enemy,OCTOPUS.i just eat and eat pop corn till it was none..while watching,my stomach out of the blue..err sounding like (u know that the sound of stomach when hungry)hahaand it made me ashamed because he heard face turned red.but we still least we hung out together and met one another.after that,we ate at kfc..he wanted it..i just followed ordered 6pieces of nuggets and he-a set of kentucky..he was really hungry..haha..pity seems like im the only one who didn`t watch BEDTIME STORY yet..waaaa

Thursday, January 8, 2009

laundry time!

[Record scratching sounds]
Yo, brother A to Z
Yo, whassup B?
Yo, what time is it?
Haha it's laundry day

uhh,a bundle of clothes..used clothes!,today,i do not have any class, woke up at 7..prayed subuh,got online till now,do downloading for the latest songs,having my breakfast( just with milo cereals and bread)..i think its enough la for this moment..haha

i handwashed all the clothes because here still not have washing machine.kak nisah told that,maybe couple of week more we`ll receive those awards..haha plus astro and water cooler..COMING SOON!,while waiting for that precious comes,i need to use my soft hand and sacrifice a lil bit..

hmm,friday,saturday and sunday will be my most boring days..because its class!but then, those days are suppose to be my study+revision+assignments times..this sem,i really really need to struggle so that i can get better result and being place in B.Ed Tesl far as i know, it was really hard to get there..example,our senior last year,only one who got there..that made me so so nervous and frightened..arghh

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

sec0nd sem..

arghh..first class had been cancelled by mdm jue..huhu..she teach us introductory to literature..this new sem is little bit messy,with different lecturer,environment...all is differ from last year..and
starting from yesterday,i`ll be bz like usual..haha..

Sunday, January 4, 2009

a very long and sucks journey??

arghh!!!..tired of all these..almost 11hours in the bus...juz imaging that,the surrounding,environment,people,seat,air..uhh.departed at around 9am(even in the ticket at 8am)..and arrived at terminat makmur at 8pm..

Friday, January 2, 2009

kUantan hEre i coMe...

before that,i wanna wish my best buddy..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU,, now you are 19..haha,so old.b mature and acts like adult more pampered.huhu..hoping that you success in your life and happy always..may god bless you...

so,tomorrow morning,i`ll be back to my campus.the bus at 8.00am at langgar station bus..argh!i need to wake up early which mean i hate damn it..haha.for sure mom will send me very early in the morning.maybe an hour earlier than the real time..i hate waiting!!...all i hope is, let the bus wait for me..hahaah..ahh,im not packing yet.but its ok because only few things that i`ll bring along..


Thursday, January 1, 2009

haPPy neW yeaR!!!

on new year`s night,i did nothing...i slept at 9.30pm...haahhhahaha.with the cold air breeze,it made me really sleepy and rejuvenated...feels like im living at,all i wanna say here is,for this new year,im not celebrating it.juz welcome 2009 and bye bye 2008...hope 2009 will brings a lot of lucks to me...and everyone...hehe..continue sleeping,Zzzzz