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Friday, November 19, 2010

no heart feeling kan yg..

as the story tells...
she was sighing.. watching intently as the waves washed over the sand. later in the back of her mind, she wished that she could be washed away too. a feeling was nagging her and refused to leave her alone. sigh again~
gay ?
gloom ?
regret ?
she crossed those three emotions off of the list. she wasn't gloom on anything. she wasn't happy in any way. and she certainly wasn't regretful. it was a feeling of utter peace and a raw, aching feeling. she was trying to discover what it was for days. It had been her owns idea to come to the ocean and figure out what it was. something persuaded her to kneel down and begin to write in the wet sand. at first she wrote her own name with her partner but then she began to decorate the areas around it… the corners of her mouth turned up slightly when she was finished. they soon turned downward, however, as the waves came in and washed it away. haish ~ she began to write a sentence. a small, tiny sentence that held a lot of meaning. hoping, praying even, that once the sentence was down and the waves washed it away that the sentence would be false. that the sentence would no longer hold meaning.
..As syg Fakhri..
the waves washed up, erasing the word “As syg”.. now that remained was Fakhri. soon the word ‘as syg’ was gone, leaving only Fakhri…

the only exception
we are BFF *toink3
new title for him !
that was not my hand okey
even though xkonvo lg kan..xpa laa.sedekah je :P
get well soon yg !

 p/s credit to fara krek3 :)


zumiela7 said...

tinggal sorg la dye pasnie..abg dh pg da...hohoho....

gEnEraL aRe-yiE aL-BaNjaRi said...

laaa...nape tulis kat pasir...p pahat kan dalam ati la...haha..pakar bedah kan ramai...pahat kat dlm ati awk nama sy....:D

mE iS aS said...

zaim : oit siot ko..xpa..hahha..abg2 lain kan ade..ehem2

yg: eee xmo lah..wak pa pahat kt ati..bek pahat kat pnukul aje..hahah..

bella pinky said...

hahaaa ;p

mE iS aS said...

bella pinky : suke kamu ye...hahah..toink3 :P