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Sunday, October 31, 2010

why and why

lately..i was dreaming..dreaming of nightmares!!! and it was twice. i saw u killed me viciously. no doubt. ermm i hope that dream is just a sleep player only..or it is a sign of??? aigooo

*************************** *******

currently sitting on a chair in my comfort room. with window opened half. such a windy day. like living in australia u know. toink2. eating mushroom sup as breakfast for today. still waiting for the clock to reach at 7.45 am..inpatient to answer the english paper. stdy ntah pe2...aish..nervous2 LOL :0
assalamualaikum bloggers!!!

tomorrow would be my first paper that is ENGLISH

so i hope that i'll do my best to answer it..agak cuak ni..

do pray for me k ya'all...

let us fight in this battle together..


Friday, October 29, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

hillarious ya'all

honestly when i opened this blog..then clicked on new post..ive no idea of what im gonna to write on. just a few news maybe..i miss home..i miss mom damn much.. dad a lil bit..haha..bout 2 weeks i couldn't back home due to overloads activities in my campus..non-stopped..instead the exam is just around the corner..but they still organize activities. i don't know why..why in this critical times?? in addition, my syllabus of economy doesnt end yet..ohh gosh..dah la killer subject, i starting to worry bout sem i'll enter the degree year..yes i know that all the carry marks or pointers since foundation which is 3 sems ago would be zero..and would be counted again..but i need to maintain my pointer..or...i may pay for it..(cm knl je ayat). haha..ok cut that crap LOL. basically last night, i had a dinner for 'malam sahabat' which is under Excellent Sifoo Club. some fun and knowledge i got from this. thx guys! 
3 dara jubahs..haha
ustazah noor..wallaweh
menu utama
currently sitting in classroom waiting for lecturers to come in..but none of them appear!..uhhh hampeh jek. what else..posing section took place..layan..zasss!

mood: is collecting hence making memories for the rest of the days with him ;)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Its' wrong for me to love you


time to flashback of what had happened between these days..hoho..long time not updated LOL..

i am an ESC member. we had received a trip from sk kuala krai for program 'lawat ipg'..being a facilitator to them was very nice..hoho.  


ive joined tennis tournament on single women category. got bronze medal.


hockey tournament piala haji osman..PHO..great. i was awesome. being an ajk teknikal..including runner, time keeper and ball picker..very exhausted but worth it guys..kan3..

Saturday, October 23, 2010

yeay now her turns

today was a fairytale..bla3...ok, now is her turns. before this my dad was. remember on 9th was his birthday. so on 23th, my mom la plk... is a special day..huhu. (bkn sbb kene bjemur tgh2 pdg k)..but it is my mom's bday..hoho..58th birthday!!! soooo happy you are my mom and soooo i wanna say i love you and wish you a soooo very best birthday.

A Mom gives hope
When life is low
A Mom's a place
Where you can go
A Mom is honest
A Mom is true
A Mom is precious
My Mom is You

Happy Birthday to YOU
  i find myself wondering... did i give you your due.. for all that you have done for me. did i ever thank you? for all of my childhood memories. for helping me deal with life's stresses. for helping me accept my defeats and celebrate my successes? or for teaching me the value of hard work, good judgement, courage, and being true. the laughter, smiles, and quiet times we've shared. did i ever thank you? if i have forgotten, im thanking you no. you taught me right from wrong... i hope you know how much you are loved and appreciated. i hope you, instinctively, knew all along. this birthday wish is only half as much mom , as it ought a. have a better birthday than Queen Birthday of Birthday land. (calling u now)

From your ever loving daughter
not forgetting..same date but differ year.. today is also my roommate's birthday...miss zahraa cantikk!..haha..wishing u happy sokmo, and would meet the best guy ever..huhu..;)
xmo masham2...cenyum cket..peace :P

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

energy loss

hi bloggers..hmm..actually nothing important i wanna share here except my heavy schedule on this week and the rest of this year...bye bye 2010...(eh2,blom ag rr)..

wed (morning) - being a facilitator for a school trip from sk kuala krai
       (afternoon) - went to jerteh for medal's taking
       (evening) - sukaneka..
       (night) - final debat inter unit...go ppismp sem 3 go!!!

thurs (morning) - as usual, lecture lecture n lecture
        (evening) - tennis tourney

fri - tennis tourney again

sat (morning-evening) - hockey tourney
(night) - taekwondo training
sun (night) - taekwondo training

mon (evening) - taekwondo grading

exam schedules

1/11 english studies
2/11 malay studies
10/11 ks 1
15/11 ks 2

balikkkkkk!!!!! cpt la abes sem ni. @-@

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

that girl is so dangerous...

read this :

u made me pissed-off. u stay away from my life. i am not disturbing u after all. i wont. but u did.  i thought i was over. but when u posted something on my wall, it started to create a war. huhu..takutnyerrr.

hmm fu**ed off??? why not wrote fuCKed off.. why need to use * symbol and hiding 'C' and 'K' letters? oh kire ade ksopanan la d stu ye. ok. reason acceptable.

but please and please remember yourself. heyy who are u? i even do not know u. whats your problem now, u thought by doing that, u would satisfied la ea. if that so, congratulations to u.

u are the one who forced me to be a vicious damn girl. u created this and u would finish it. as the way u like. stop it before its too late.
at first, it wasn't my intention to write in this way..but...extremely geram kan..arghh..i was just in the beginning to forget everything tup2 it came in this way. hate it! i wish doraemon is a reality not as just fantasy..lets countdown 28 more days to go! (clock ticks now..tik..tok..tik...tok).

p/s is wishing u would vanish like a vampire been killed... peace no war!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

story of a day

sepandai pandai tupai melompat
akhirnya jatuh ke tanah jua...

tupai here refers to 'me'..(ok, u may laugh now). this morning, i woke up late, disengajakan okey. last night, i asked my roommate either she wanted to go to assembly or not. because the 1st period would be tutorial. like always, our tutor, he would enter the class but not doing anything. just sit on the chair in front and doing his work. the rest were free to do anything. cm bese la, morning routine : breakfast (sesi mkn beramai2). then zahraa answered, yup, she wanna go. so, i said ok lah. texted aini, asked her the same ques. but she gave different answer., we go at 8.15am okey! we missed assembly today (cm xbese jek). 


the most scary eerie part came. walked to class alone. my heart beats vigorously. dup dap dup dap. what was waiting me? suddenly, reached in front of my class, i saw three people were standing. my tutor, a man and a women.  the man, hmmm i think i know him. the face was familiar laa. but the women..nope at all. i was talking to myself, inner monologue people would say. (perlu ke sebut)..haha..the quest were;

sape makcik ni? eh2 mak sape lak dtg ni? ni staf mane? cleaner ke?

those were the questions keep flying in my mind. i moved my step forward in the class, she said something;

ni dtg lewat ke ni? ke ade pjumpaan ape2?

then my tutor mencelah;

ni ade pjumpaan ape ntah td..tenis ke ape..(credit to him: back up ank buah tuee)

i was muzzy, like im lost in thoughts. i didn't know she was talking to me. i thought that she talked to my tutor. because my tutor responds to hers. with innocent face, i walked to my place. the everybody looked at me. (aduhh nape lak ni).

the women just now called me

cikgu, talking to u. why u didn't give any responds to it?

i dgn selambe jek jwb;

what was your questions? (dlm hati, sape makcik ni neh, pembantu HEP ke)

she said,

u suppose to ketuk pintu, bagi salam bla3..minta maaf, sy terlewat bla3..

one word from me

OK..(i da ketuk tp salam xbg, hehe)

after that, she talked to my tutor, asked him sape org lg xdtg? my tutor cam nk xnk jwb je. ermm ade 1 org lg..(sbnrnye 3 ag, aina, mus n nuar) haha

after she left, hah bmulalah soksek soksek sana sini. who is she? cpt2, my friend told me, she is PENGARAH!!!...
tbeliak bijik mata aku, what? pengarah ke..gila ahh..aku igt makcik mane la td..she didn't look like a director pom. i swear. plus, she wasn't wore her name tag kan. how would i suppose to know that she is a director of my campus..i was trembling rr. ye r..director tuee..i plak menjwb (da die tnye, jwb r).
so, terkantoi lak rini dtg lewat. but proud la gak, ye r..opportunity to talk with someone who in highest postition in campus, DIRECTOR beb..diva gitu..(kepala hotak ko bangga as)

p/s moral of the not try to truant  k. pegi la assembly shelalu. peace no war!

update news 4

report from debat inter unit

semi final


government won with margin 1

best speaker goes to Datin Wannabe (meletoppp glak!)

Friday, October 15, 2010

update news 3

report from debat inter unit

5th match


opposition won with margin 0.5 (alahai)

best speaker zaim


quartel final


government won with margin 1

best speaker zaim

update news 2

report from debat inter unit

4th match


opposition won with margin 1 (jerr)

best speaker rabain


this is not about esc key in computer/lappy keyboard..ESC is a club that organized by jpp
kot...because most of the members in this club are from jpp. so, this morning we had a program called 'lawatan berprestij kesas ke ipg zon timur'.
kesas stands for

kelab sahabat siswa

actually we were received this trip from ipg kb. they were doing this trip around zon timur. before this, they went to ipg kdri. but here, we named it as ESC, stands for 

Excellent Sifoo Club

nothing more that i know from this club except now i am one of them..

p/s excellent ka??

Thursday, October 14, 2010

update news 1

report from debat inter unit

2nd match


government won with margin 3

best speaker zahar


3rd match


opposition won with margin 2

best speaker zaim

its begin

report from debat inter unit

1st match


government won with margin 7

best speaker goes to zaim


Monday, October 11, 2010

the biggest mistake ive ever done in my life

**lying to myself**

p/s i love the way u lie

Saturday, October 9, 2010

six days after

heheh cant wait for next week, on 17th (study week)..hehe..miss my baby fb..gonna active it lol! my pure reason is because gonna share the spot questions, scheme or anything bout exam papers rr (okay, u may vomit now)..but it is real la. no offense. huhu
here, i would like to take this opportunity by wishing a welcome warm to my classmates, sitie (
amri (
for being a blogger...welcome guys!..its a nice thing to share ours. do updates k.

stronger than yesterday

some say that its terribly hurt, we can feel the pain up till the bones. some say that when it happens, we could get fever nor feel unhealthy. some say that if we couldn't have capable in dealing with this, the only solution is operation. yup, do operate it. u can feel relieve. but these all people said. hmmm i said, i would be stronger to face it. just hold it for sec and let it go. do not think bout it too much. feel relax. hey i am stronger kan..daaaa. for the right side, yeeha i did it. why not for the left side i just do the same?

p/s zaim, how bout yours? da tumboh ke? be strong k.


Happy birthday to the best dad I know,

A father I love and respect,
A dad who fulfills all his duties
To teach, to guide, to protect.
If everyone had such a father,
A really good dad like mine,
The world would be so much better,
It would look like God’s own design.
Dad, I cherish your birthday, 
because when you were born,
I got a role model
to show me how a man should be.
Especially on your birthday,
I compare myself to you.
I aspire to your strength
in making hard decisions
that can’t be avoided.
I appreciate your good character,
your respect for others,
your willingness
to lend a helping hand
even if it’s inconvenient for you.
On your birthday,
I’m so very grateful for your love,
a fatherly love that gives me
purpose and direction
as well as peaceful inner security.
Dad, on your birthday, let me just say...
there are no words to express
how grateful I am that you were born
and that you are my dad.

happy 55th birthday abah!!!

p/s uh, esk 10.10.10..syed muzaphar kawen.tidakkk!:(


Thursday, October 7, 2010



 time, please do fly faster..

only 33 more days to go

(plus n minus)

go baby go!

class open or open class...raya celebration is better.

various kind of cakes

banana sponsored by shasha

miss busy..(muke ketat gler. adik2 ni mls tol, tgk kak as gak y kene wak)..uish

puding roti by kak moon

our gorgeous model, shasha...showing her overload mee curry

sate malaysia..import from pc

juadah raya, sekut2

cheese cake by kak moon

 with KU..pepelicious :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

new interest

skype mania

do add me on

fullname: noorasmad
skype name: missaseric

p/s either one laaa...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

good girl dont cry

some one said that i looked different

some one said that i became quite

some one said that i have changed

some one said that i am snobbish

what say u?

Saturday, October 2, 2010


oh september ended...

hello october..

new life...

he had turned me...

introducing i am Vampire Miss Aseric (haha, extremely addicted by True Blood)

p/s gimme O Negative bud :)

V vs M

last night

ive been bitten..........oh no..what i am suppose to do..please please help me guys

yes i do like being bitten.. 

but by V...especially by V.E.N

not M...damn it..
sucked! 0-0

Friday, October 1, 2010

stop breathe

do vampires really exist??
wishing that they are...
because i found that they are totally fascinating, mesmerizing and alluring with their appearance. ngeh3. no offense~lalala
no need to mention his name right coz everyone know him. the first movie of vampire that i had watched. fall in love with him for awhile je

oh Stephen Salvatore from vampire diaries. but i am not into him. haha. muke tlampau suci r.

oh yes, i do love him. Demon Salvatore. i like his attitudes, so noty2 gtu.

they both are brothers in vampire diaries. Demon is the eldest. he is really a 'good' bro to Stephen. which is the most handsome? (Demon of coz)

this is William Bill Compton from True Blood. hmmm looks like he's old right. but nevermind. as long as he's so romantic with his voice and caring.

well. introduce to u ols, my love. haha. Eric Northman. love his name. and everything bout him. tall, tough, eyes, cleft chin etc...haha

oh gosh. he drives me crazy...@_@ 

will i meet him? (nk yg laki jek,pmpuan xmo)..toing2 :P