Great souls endure in silence

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Thursday, June 26, 2008


Tomorrow…morning…i…will…be…off…to…another…place…NEW PLACE, NEW FRIENDS, NEW LIFE...

No more words to say…except…bye bye mum,dad,apih,along,abe jue…(miss u all a lots….damn it!)

I dedicated this song to all my love…

This is for my peoples
Who just lost somebody?

Your best friend, your baby
Your man or your lady
Put your hand way up high
We will never say bye

Mamas, daddies, sisters, brothers
Friends and cousins
This is for my peoples
Who lost their grandmothers?
Lift your head to the sky
Cause we will never say bye

As a child there were them times
I didn't get it
But you kept me in line
I didn't know why
You didn't show up sometimes
On Sunday mornings and I missed you

But I'm glad we talked through
All those grown folk things
Separation brings
you never let me know it
You never let it show
Because you loved me and obviously

There's so much more left to say
If you were with me today
Face to face
I never knew I could hurt like this
And everyday life goes on I wish
I could talk to you for a while
Miss you but I try not to cry

As time goes by
And it's true that you've
Reached a better place
Still I'd give the world to see your face
And be right here next to you
But it's like you're gone too soon
Now the hardest thing to do is say

Bye bye
Bye bye, bye bye, bye bye
Bye bye, bye bye, bye bye
Bye bye, bye bye, bye bye
Bye bye

You never got a chance to see
How good I've done
And you never got to
See me back at number one
I wish that you were here
To celebrate together
I wish that we could
Spend the holidays together

I do not know how`s my life after this..but I hope, everything’s going fine. I manage to handle my life by myself. I`ll survive in this merciless world with full of vigour. Even, far from parents..its not hinder my goal..that is to further my studies in highest state. Oh God, please help me!..I’m eager to achieve successful and be a useful person, and make my parents proud of me..want to make them happy.

I don`t care whatever no matter what the barriers come, i`ll make myself ready at anytime to face them.

I also hope that i`ll find some new friends those who are companionable..and not forgetting, those who are posses `otak giler2` (jovially la) just like me… huhu

That’s will make us more compatible…a.k.a `sebulu`..hahaha

Besides, im worry about the lecturers…im nerve-wracking when facing someone who is lurid…really mean it…takot wo0!!

No matter how hard, meticulous the tasks are, i`ll try my best to complete it. I want to be someone who can speak introvert. That’s one of my dreams.

COME ON AS..u can do it!!yeahhh…u GO girl..

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

If you are not making the progress you would like to make, and are capable of making, it is simply because your goals are not clearly defined.

In this small world, billions and millions people spend money to keep pets, while billions and millions of people are starving??

Spend for pets:

Animals also have feelings like us. Even they cannot talk, but they still have instinct to survive in this `cruel` world.

Examples: they cannot talk, hey..miss, plz give me some food, im starving…pity me..etc

We must understand their feelings. They also the creatures that made by God the Almighty…same as we.

In Quran also said that, we must take care of them. Do not take them as slaves, a place for losing temper, kick them, neglect them…that s so vicious.

Actually, by advocating pets, we also can get reward from God for good deeds. Pets can pay our deeds to them by be a guard or as a cheerer to us.

Examples: when we watched..TV shows, such as animal planet, planet funniest animal..or so on…it made us cheered, laughed, entertained. We enjoyed that shows.

For non-Muslims… a devote by be a guard. Examples: we heard headlines in the newspapers…`dog is a savior of the night`, `dog shielded his master`…

For Muslims: it has their own way. Such as, cats…they can devote for us by catch mice, cockroach…

People starving:

For this part, actually I’m lack of ideas..hehe..but just help them as we could. Donate some foods, clothes, medicines, and something else that maybe use for them.

Don`t just put the burdens into their shoulder at all. We must co-operate to help them. They just like us, a human that want to survive and live with peacefully. They just unfortunate people.. they are innocent. Pity them!


We need to balance in no matter ways…either animal or human..because they all have their feelings. We can`t be selfish. Just be kind to everything.

Remember, this Earth is not belonging to us. No matter what level rank of us..we just at par.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

dEbaTe 1-sH0uLd maLaySiaNs gIveN m0Re pUbLic h0LiDayS??

Assalamualaikum and good evening to everyone. We on behalf of negative side or in other word `against` out topic for today that is “Should Malaysians Given More Public Holidays”.

The answer is supposedly NO!

Now, we are going to present our reasons to support the answer.

There are pro and contra for each decision. For us, it`s already enough. As a multiracial country, every race has their own holidays. We already have a lot of public holidays. I`ve made the research…in 2008; we have 16 days of public holidays.

What is the point in more public holidays when people are forced to spend half of it in traffic jams or finding space on crowded places???

I think why don`t we should be looking into how to cut traffic jams as a priority…

As we know, when there`s holiday…most of the main roads are fully with vehicles. Then, there will be hyper extremely traffic jam. Many people will trapped on that way.

The smoke from those vehicles will pollute our air and will increase the level of air pollution. Not only that one, but noise…etc…and possibility there can be car accident also…many upcoming diseases will appear and attack our communities.

Would extra public holidays improve Malaysians productivity??

In my own view, once again the answer is NO!

Because when there`s more holidays…so, who`s going to work?

Our economy will slowly crack down due to large stores have to close. At the end, our country will flinch. The quality of workers also will drop down…workers cannot focus on their work.

I am sure that many private sector firms pay less than the government and give less holidays in order to stay competitive.

I think government sectors should take a cut in public holiday while the private sector should remain as it is. Besides, they got a pay rise and normally for professionals in the private sector.

We`ll used our left to sometimes go and settle our personal matters such as going to bank, post office…for paying bills.

Why don`t we just concentrate on our work and contribute to more productivity and better service to the public. For example, for doctors…just devote their services to the communities.

If there`s more holidays??

It will train our communities to be lazy to work…always want holidays. This is such a bad habit.

Pity to people who find their income at working day…and poor people in the retail trade.

Example, people who work at school canteen.

Basically, this kind of people came from low-in-rank standard. If there`s more holidays, then where they`ll get their income to support their families??

Their sources to get money have been limited.

We cannot just think about ourselves/selfish…we must think others feeling or situation also.

Next, more work will be hindered.

Example, difficult to deal with government departments such as bank, post office…

More people want to get job under government…private: no one interested…huhu…we must balancing them.

For students, their schedule of study will spoil. Learning will take a lot of time to finish the syllabus

Next, this is from my experience…for hostelisers, when they have holidays, they`ll have opportunity to back home.

Actually, students…I am guaranteed that, they`ll not studying or do the revision or homework…instead watching TV is compulsory..hehe…and then, sleep…loafing around.

Of course, it’s wasting time. As a saying goes, Time is Golden

In addition, it’s also wasting money..

Example, when parents take their children from hostel, I mean for someone who live far from school…

The cost to take them and send back to hostel…quite expensive.

Nowadays, the price of fuel had increasing.

Last but not least, just forget the idea of more public holidays. I am more preferred just give us more annual leave or shorter working hours. Most people don`t get to take public holiday off as there is no legal requirement to do so.


Saturday, June 14, 2008


How sharp are you? (The faster. The better)

Task: try to answer the questions as quickly as possible.

1. 1) Being very tired, a child went to bed at 7:00 o`clock at night. The child had a morning piano lesson, and therefore set the alarm clock to ring at 8:45. How many hours and minutes of sleep could the child get?

2. 2) Some months (like October) have 31 days. Only February has precisely 28 days (except in a leap year). How many months have 30 days?

3. 3) A farmer had 18 goats, and all but 7 died. How many were left?

4. 4) Divide 50 by 1/3 and add 7. What is the answer?

5. 5) What is the minimum number of active baseball players on the playing field during any part of an inning? Maximum?

6. 6) What four words appear on every denomination of U.S currency?

7. 7) If a physician gave you five pills and told you to take 1 every half-hour, how long would supply last?

8. 8) If you had only one match and entered a cold, dimly-lit room where there was a kerosene lamp, an oil heater, and a wood-burning stove, which would you light 1st?

9. 9) Two women play checkers. They play five games without a draw game and each woman wins the same number of games. How can this be?

10. 10) What word is misspelled in this test?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Local Government Official

Promoting tourism at Lake Tarapoto – it is good way to generate much-needed income for the local communities.

Example: budget from tourist department/sector can be channel to other sectors - to deplete the level of poverty in Malaysia. As we know, in Malaysia, the level of poverty is still high and there are have families who live in low-in-rank…

We need to be insistent to those who are against our ideas to build up the development and promotions at Lake Tarapoto. Lake Tarapoto is such a wonderful place. And I, as a local government official of Columbia have thought deeply and had decided to choose Lake Tarapoto as our objective to renew it.

Example: we found that if Lake Tarapoto just be neglected like that, we could lose it also sooner. Who want to be a fool just let go the opportunity to get profit? It is just in front of our eyes now. Why not, we just develop that place and make it as one of eye of Columbia – a tourist`s view.

The most important is…the profits that come from this sector are not going into pockets of business entrepreneurs even ourselves as well. Instead, the money will be use to improve the standard of living of local people…or for charity.

Want a long term, sustainable and equitable solution to tourist development in the area:

Long-term here meaning that, want tourists to come at Lake Tarapoto for one whole year…so they can come and visit at anytime they want…

Because, the profits are much higher compare for just two months of the year. So, we would like to Local Ticuna Indian and Fernando Trujillo to rethink…think deeply and make the best decision.

Think of our benefits ….not only on your side...don`t be selfish…

About the problems that you had said just now…bout pollution, damages, destroy the ecosystem, domestic wastes…we will try to control/handle it by our own ways…example: we can get workers to look after the place – guards, cleaners…the safeties also will be guaranteed.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

All subjects should be in English medium

At beginning state, government had made a trial that Science and Mathematics should be learn in English. But after the decision had came out and declared by Ministry of Education…not 100% this approach was agreed by the people. There have certain groups of people that disagree with this. They think that, Mathematics and Science will burden to students, especially from rural areas.

But this is such an out-of-date thinking. The mentalities of Malaysian are always like that. The proof is, just look at the SPM`s result last year, students from rural areas also managed to excel and half of them are much better than urban students.

Nowadays, in globalization era…English is a very vital to master in it. We can say that, English is a second mother tongue. However, our own mother tongue also cannot be irreplaceable and we cannot ignore even forget it. English is an international global language and connecting language among the countries.

In a particular period, when British had colonized our country, they used English to spread out their propagation. And, when they form a school, the syllabuses are in English as well. So, there is no reason…we, as a youth cannot learn it and take it as challenge. Why not the History subject also converts into English? I found that, there are many advantages and outcomes when History is in English also.

We can promote our own story behind our country…where the names came from…memories events such as Independence Day and other important events that we should be proud of.

Otherwise, parents also had no problem to teach their children in English because long time ago, they also learn in English. They already had experiences in this matter. So, parents can play their roles to children.

In my own view, I totally supported government that all subjects should be in English medium. We can improve our English level and move toward to 2020 nation.

Last word from me…Practice make almost perfect…because if I am saying that, practice make perfect..we all already knew that, nobody`s perfect.

With that…assalamualaikum


Nowadays, it is found that just small percentages…about 15% only people who like to read. It is include all kinds of people such as workers, public people…and also students. This is such not a good habit especially for students group because as a students, the most vital thing to excel in education is by readings. Any kind of materials but commonly erudite books. Something that can bring benefit and knowledge to them laa.

Factors why people do not like to read:

People nowadays, think that reading is not crucial anymore and they just assume that reading is just small matter. Other reason is because their schedule of work is so compact until they have no leisure time to spend for reading.

Now, we are back to students. Actually from my own experience, students more prefer to listening compare to reading. But in the end, they have forgotten what they are listening to and take the shortcut or easy way…that is...ignored!

How to overcome this problem:

Government should think another alternative way to improve the mentality of Malaysian towards reading…for examples

Organize the campaign ….competition, like Nilam award etc…chooses an ambassador, usually we just take a famous artist which has a good manner. Example, now we have Siti Nurhaliza as an ambassador for reading campaign. The campaign is quite successful la.

For environment campaign, we have Zainal Abidin, a well-known singer…and is popular with environmental songs…really suit with him la…latest, Maya Karin…

Parents also must give the cooperation la, by play their roles as a parents or guiders. Encourage their children to love reading, because we all know that…Learning Begins at Home.

Instead, parents nowadays..they just legible their children and just let them to do whatever they want to do…without knowing which one is correct or at the end, their children become addicted to social life…at that time, no need to regret laa…