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Sunday, November 21, 2010

dush ! dush !

[1] 3 Names in your inbox cellphone 
#ks ayie
#ipg aini
#fathi upax

[2] Your main ringtone?
#nokia tune

[3] What U did at 12 last night?
#watched movie

[4] Who was the last person U went out with? Where?
#my bro. went to buy ticket..toink3

[5] The color of T-shirt you're wearing now?
# its green !! (fuh, nseb bek pkai, killer nye soklan)

[6] The last thing you did?
# usual *wink2

[7] 3 of your everyday favourite items?
#my nokia E63 (jerr)
#my BenQ joybook lappy
#our samsung tv plasma (fmily pnyer kan)

[8] The color of your bedroom
#oh its green again !

[9] How much money in your wallet now?
#seriously rm 10..with coins ada la..xkire lak :p

[10] Your favourite song?
#katy perry-not like the movies..lyn rr, best gilak !

[11] What will you do next wekend?
#dating with my GF ok.

[12] When was the last time U saw Ur Mum?
#an hour ago :]

[13] Where is she now?
#is sleeping with her hubby at downstairs..(bapak aku laaa wey)

[14] When was the last time you talked to your parents?
#an hour ago !!

[15] Who is the last person that texted U?
#fakhri..ahhh..aduhh..wakenabeb ! (tau2 aje aku ngah msj die smbil2 wak tag ni)

[16] Where did U have your dinner lastnight?
#at kubang kerian, in a house no.120

[17] The last suprise you got?
#yesterday. when unknown number msj me. got shocked. so consider surprise gak kan..haha

[18] Last thing U borrowed from ur friends?

[19] Who is ur BF/GF or husband/wife
#a guy.

[20] What do you feel now?
# wanna sekeh2 fakhri..berani die tag aku. *muke bengis

[21] Wanna share with who?
#not clear..*tongue

[22] Who knows ur secret?
#noorasmad mat ripin. she knows everything bout me. rite darl ! ;)

[23] They keep ur secret?
#not at all ! trust nobody okey..

[24] Are you angry with someone?
# lau ade, ape ko kesah ???

[25] What do you order at McD?
#bubur ayam ! dah situ je ade ye..:p

[26] The last time you felt so sad?
#not remembered

[27] What is your wish for tomorrow?
#hoping tht my mom will get home early lol..seram seh duk sorg2 nie

[28] Who will U tag next?
nana, zaim, sarah, bella pinky, ijat nuar, enuni, muni, amri, is, kak madi, izzul, aini

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