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Monday, May 12, 2008

A vacation to Langkawi Island (8-10may 08)

I had the fortune to visiting Langkawi Island for a second time. I went there with my parents. Just 3 of us only. Hehe. .Pity to my brother, because can`t join us..He had the exams on Sunday. So my mum didn’t allowed him, and told him just do the revisions very well..haha..We arrived at Kuala Perlis about 5.30 a.m. then, by 6 o`clock we got onto one of the ferries that took us to langkawi island. The journey by ferry was very pleasurable, even that was my second time..huhu...About an hour later, we arrived at that island.

In my own view, there were many changes there. Till I can`t recognize it at first. More developed and a lot of buildings.

We checked into the hotel on the island. The rooms quite ok la...although not 5 star, but pretty good! We took the rest before went out for shopping..After Zohor, we went to Padang Maksirat for shopping...its shopping time...but for my mum n dad ler..haha..Especially for my mum...she bought a lot of things like kain sarung batik. I’m just looking around n busying with my camera, snapping pictures..haha..Also visited at field of burnt rice.

Later, we were back to hotel for prayers…next place is...plaza langkawi.. hehe..This was my turn..Sorry mum n dad..haha…I bought a lot of chocolates n other things…Not forgetting, souvenirs for my friends..hehe. Miss u all lah..

For the next day, also our last day in the island..We continued shopping..idaman suri is the place..There was many things there...but mostly, hardware r...beside, we also went to Langkawi parade..Huhu. We checked out from the hotel at 11 something la..because my dad just booked it till 12 noon on that day..

Soon, it was time to leave. We had spent 2 days 1 night only. That`s ok la. I was really enjoyed. We stepped onto the ferry that took us back to kuala perlis. I carried with me my belongings and precious memories of the wonderful island…huhu…

Sunday, May 11, 2008

miss u all!

Lastly, smallest, funniest and cutest

You girl, I do not really worry. Because I am sure that, you will be able to manage yourself in matriculation of Penang. But, I really2 hope that, you will be fine about stay at hostel. Before this, you have already got homesick when we are stayed at hostel in Maher. If I not mistaken, just for one month. Hehe

But, I knew that the hostel there is different from here. You are a genius girl.
We are being close friends since we were in form 3. At that time, we were classmates. Our homes also just nearby.
My last words to you,
Study hard and best of luck in your life. Hmm do not let your love feelings against study. Haha. Hope your relationship with that guy will last forever.
May your ambition to be a plastic surgery doctor will come true.
And if I want to get your treatment, do not asks for payment k...just free of charge, friend `kam`..

nana + as = nanas

Next, demure and smooth-mannered

Actually, not really `pum` characteristics of this girl as above. Haha… but if you start to know her, she will show her own ones. Quite talkative and a happy go lucky. Sometimes, her voice can be so loud but she can’t bit mine laa…haha
Nana, you have decided to go to the matriculation at Kulim. Study hard and hope that you will be a dietitian soon. Hehe, maintain fitness k. Do not tension2 and smile always. Remember me when just see whatever la, any things that orange in colour. Good luck and take care. Keep on sending comments in my page k.

no more LOAFING,huhu

Tallest and `naughty` (lied to cg BM...That event will always in my mind)

Red hinata
My best friend for loafing around. We are always being together. Spare much time each other. At that moment, I was really enjoyed. Thanks girl! You are an easy outgoing person. A talkative. I like you. Huhu…My last words to you, dlah aka B (just nickname between two of us only k).Congratulation because have made your decision to go to matriculation. Hmm Kuala Nerang right?? Yup. So, take care there. I hope you success in your study and life as well. Make sure your ambition to be a pharmacian comes true. Do remember me and let’s keep in touch my dear. Although, we are too far, but our friendship will long lasting. Haha…Last but not least, do not let your whole body being in love. I mean with different sex ler. Huhu… remember our agreement about the status that is single mingle but not available. After we were graduated, then this agreement wills automatically gone k…huhu.Thanks because be my sporting friend and I’ll miss you a lot. Damn you. Good luck girl!

Monday, May 5, 2008

my ch0ice=my life

fr0m n0w 0n,there is n0 m0re c0nfusing+hesitating due to my decisi0n...after one day,i was thinking,thinking and keep thinking till i`ve g0t headache t0 s0lve this kind 0f pr0blems.then, this taught decisi0n that i choose wiLL change my life starting n0w...after thinking deeply and saying prayers t0 G0d the Almighty..i`ve made my 0wn verdict that,i`m g0ing t0 further my study at UITM in f0undati0n 0f TESL course...i h0pe that,this is the best ch0ice t0 me.g0d willing and praise t0 g0d..amen