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Saturday, September 27, 2008

im back!


hello kelantan, my going back now..

departed from uitm at about 11.30 am ...da journey took nearly 9 hours..ahh just imagined how was i felt...sitting in the bus`s seat..uhh

Saturday, September 20, 2008

crazy night???

i didn`t know what had happened to me...i just felt something that the world here is the owner...enjoy+happy...

im too young, too worry.seems like this song`s lyric.just now me, qila,wawa and atiq..or AKA=WAQA..went to buy some oil..uhhh no lah..

just for fun.bought ice-cream.and not forgetting,the most vital things is snapping pictures.we forgot bout the assignments that makes me suck...hmmm same to them..i`ve no mood to do it.but tomorrow i`ll try to finish it..(bleh pcaya ka?)

and today also,we went for shopping at ecm..again??uhh..sorry mum,i cant stand longer with that money.but i used it wisely..lalala

ok..continue bout crazy all because qila and wawa`s plan..they said that, hey..lets go to petronas. we can `maen mercun` along the road..hahaha

well the main purpose is the play the mercuns..because in the campus,we cant.

the pakgard and senior will scold us. its just for fun.instead,its weekend.why they dont understand the situation..ok,i know.maybe they cant understand youth feelings...perghh(tua sgt ke diorg).

ok fine.we found another way.we did played the mercuns.that really in the middle of road while snapping the pictures everywhere.ohh..

apart from that, that night also,we learnt new vocabulary..hahah(vocab ke)..well,actually its vulgar words..wawa tought us..ish3...example, fuck it off, fucking u,stupid bitch,fuck ur ass...(astarufirullahalazim)...

but..take attention..its just for fun..private and confidental only

ok..continue do the assignment...i like????

Thursday, September 18, 2008

again??break the fasting outside..

today..again,i broke the fast at kfc..wah..sound luxurious rite??hahah...

well...we got allowance for rm1000...but, my mum already asked me not to use that money...instead,keep it...

"adik,u just keep it the money, use the money that i`ve send to u..but not the allowance!"

ok mum, but im not promise..haha

i went for shopping..i got crazy with shoes+clothes+accessories..VINCCI, NOSE,APPLEMINTS,NICOL,BUM..all of them are my favourite brands.

i`ve bought a new shoes from is black in colour..about 2.5inches..shirts for for my baby, and one for me..its looked nice. cant wait anymore to give it to him...

i have joined TESL GROUP B to eat at kfc this time..actually, im more prefer+suitable being together with them,instead with my own classmates...because i have buddies,i mean close buddies and persons that i knew them since we were in primary school..

wawa&atiq(my gang),aliff(since standard one),shazni&pokjak(since form one),naim for sure(da funniest guy),shahir(the encem guy),and others..

break the fasting with classmates!

uhh..yestersay was a really cherisable moment that i will remember in my life..that was amusing...enjoying in a single whole day.

it was public holiday..because of nuzul quran..huhu

people spend that day with reading the quran, perform the ibadat, and do some kinds of good things la...but we???...hmmm

my class rep,afix has decided to organize a break fast together with our classmates,which is TESL GROUP SARA THAI..near megamall..

but not all involved in this `party`..just 13 of us out of 19..we left the campus at 5pm and walked to the megamall.we arrived there bout 15minutes later.well, its still early.

so,we did shopping.

later on, we decided to wait at restoran sara thai.we booked 14 seats and set the lauk pauk.wau,yummy...

we ordered tomyam,ayam halia paprik,telur dadar,sayur ikan kailan and not forgetting air sirap..haha

we did enjoyed, we laughed seems like a big family among us.we have been closed in just one day.i felt like everybody around me,those people who i knew such for a long time.

after that,we performed solat at surau.then, continued with our next activitiy...BOWLING

well,im not saying that im pro in just`biase2 aje`huhu..azami became champion on that night with 115pins.and for girls, eka..uhh little bit disappointed.

i dont know why on that night,my hand didn`t function well.or even i didn`t got any strike nor sad!

but it doesn`t matter.we finished the game at activity,we went to ecm.again by foot.i bought some food.actually i wanted to buy big apple but it is sold out..wau,awesome..i entered NOSE,and got attracted with a shoes.after tried it and satisfied..i bought it.we went back by 10.30pm

on the way back,we stopped at a is nearest to seri malaysia hotel..its just along a road.the road is quite and lack of vehicles use that road.we stopped there just to snapped photos..crazy photos..that was my idea.well,i love to snap photos..huhu

we arrived at campus near 11pm..with smiley face+exhauted...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

term paper??ahhh term paper is still in progress..i`ve try so hard to finish it before i back to my hometown that is on 26 sep..

i think it is 40% done..huhu...quite ok laa...

so many things i need to put it there and add some more information regarding the topic that i`ve already chosen.

survey and interview parts-ok,im done..

now, for data collection and analysis which is i need to put some graphs,charts, etc.

so,chayok as!..

why im lazy???


arghh,lazy to do assignments..

my term paper is about 1% done...da rest??another 99%??

im such a laziness week must be submitted...oh Dr J..

i dunt have any feeling to do it..why..why...why im like dis???why..tell me..

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


what are those things mean??

here, all the words have the same meaning actually that is pretender...haha

today,sorry to say that madam...but im just kidding..i got so excited when afiq told us that the class has been cancelled..haha...(am i a bad ??)

excited???hmm no,i mean is time of the class is not suitable because it is at 1, you guys imagine how the condition feels..tiring,sleepy,no mood at that time..

i was shocked at first to hear the `bad` news,and i`ve showed to the class my reaction..i thought that everybody not focussed on me,but im wrong.

so,they all keep on to saying that word,plastic plastic, u r plastic.. so embarassed. and then,im corrected the real situation,told them that i was worried bout madam..huhu..lalalala

our beloved and supporting madam roose was sicked,that why she cancelled the class for today.
actually,today we gonna to do speaking.a conversation between situations.

she already told us that be well prepared,because this assessment may consists of 15% if i not mistaken..but im not prepared anything. that is one of the reasons why im happy today.

to me, im not a plastic nor PVC nor polyststerence or either as..huhu

Friday, September 5, 2008

1st terawih?

this weekend was really bored..we cannot eat,just continue to sleep..till my backbone got pain. but i was grateful to God, because the weather on that day was so so nice..which is dark sky with windy air and sometimes misty rain like drizzling...i liked kind of that moment. it was so pretty romantic laa..huhu

i didn`t much did my assignments. im just playing around, watched movies and ZZzzz...

i felt that im like in leisure without any worries..

and last night was my 1st terawih. we went to masjid negeri which is located in the middle of the main town.

i asked my friend before bout the condition there, and she said that..well it was nice..calm without any stupid sounds...stupid here means kid`s sound..hmmm what else,like screaming,playing..uhh its really annoying me..i dont like kids..

so,i might guess that wau..ok..i`ll go tomorrow.but, when i was there, i found that it was just ordinary. at first, i thought that it might provided with i felt like bestnye, cool beb..pray must be khusyuk...hahah totally aircon just fans..poor me..

but it doesn`t matter...aircon or fan..terawih still terawih..we just did it till 8rakaat and then went back to our beloved campus by bus..

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

1st day fasting???

tomorrow will be my 1st day period will ends today..yaho0o0

and now, im going to make preparation to bangun sahur...wah!!

before this, my mom will get me up from bed but now, who will????myself..oh no...
i will ask my mom to miscalls me at 5am so that, i can get up to eat my sahur...

and also, i`ll lower down my activeness..such as my laughter, my is to avoid me from being very tiredness at late of evening.


on 31st august ago...i was dating with my friend from gambang matriculation..his name is ali..we knew each other since we were in form 4. he was a very kind and religion man.huhu
i met him at berjaya that time, i with my buddy,wawa.(backup liner).hahah

at first, i was so excited because that such a long time we are not meet each other.. so we decided to hang out all day night there..we played bowling, lunch, watching cinema..

we played bowl. that was really funny and amazing because...huhu...ladies and gentleman...i defeated him..hahaha!!!

with 101 pins and he just got 75pins..haha..amazing right??ya,quite la...he was shocked and accept the reality that i was teror than him..haha

actually, i`ve told him earlier that i was good in bowl, but he keep on not tot trust me and now u see,ali..hahah

after that, we went for lunch at kfc...wawa desperated want to eat chezzy wadges there..

i met my friends, eka,lyn,nazif,pokjat and others..they were liked a little bit shocked when they saw me with a guy(ali)..and they keep on to ask me who is this?who is this?

i introduced ali to them and told them, this is my friend from gambang matriculation..FRIEND???....they didn`t believed me...because they thought that he was my boyfriend..and i replied NO...(lantak korg la)

near to 2.30pm, we started to walk to cinema..ali had booked three tickets for us to watch a movie.that is first, i thought that it was just an ordinary story and it might be bored. so that why i was panned to sleep during the movie was playing.haha

but im totally wrong. that was a great great movie..i saw ali really focus on the story..this is because when i offered him popcorn,he rejected it.wau!!

and i also started to eyes keep on to open widely and sometimes, i turned left and looked onto wawa`s face.i knew that she was bored because she didn`t like this such kind of story.

i laughed to her and we laughed together.
the storyline was so interesting.the story is about one lady who owned magucal power. actually she is not an original human beings, instead she just a clone.
i rated this story 8/10...ok lah tue

it getting late now, around 6.30pm, we are going to back to our campus at kuantan campus and he..gambang

so,the dating was end there. im having fun on that day..opss...correction we are having fun!yeah..

thx ali.

                                                          as&ali sneakers

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

last night??

on 31 august`s night, we together went to rilex cafe to eat..hahaha
actually our first aim is to eat nasi ayam claypot..rm4.20..(wah, mentioned the price)

me, qila,atiq,wawa and not forgetting zack was celebrating the upcoming fasting month that is tomorrow..we all really have fun on that night, we laughed together, eating, surfing and snapping pics..

here are some pics :)

                                                        zack,me,wawa,qila n atiq

there was so many things happened on that time..naim,a very funny guy has made his jokes until we all non-stopped laughing.

that was a memorable moment that i was spend with all my beloved friends..

Monday, September 1, 2008


merdeka???? ya.

for this year, i was celebrating independence day at uitm kuantan, for more specific, in bukit sekilau campus..actually, it was nothing.i felt really bored. as usual before 12a.m (countdown time), the events had been full with intertainment such as drama, singing, story telling bout merdeka.. and etc..

my mom had called me and we talked to each other..oh God, why i felt that i really miss her so much..

tomorrow, all muslims will start to fasting..and except me..y??..because i can` fact, this fasting month, i can`t fasting in a full month..i need to replace it...

last year, i could fast in a full month...huhu

during the ceramah bout merdeka..i was daydreaming and listening to music..and not forgetting..snapping pictures..i luv taking pics..

when the time comes, near 12a.m, i think maybe around 11.57p.m, we all started to countdown..just coundown and screamed merdeka!..twice fireworks..thats why i said that it was really bored..

after that, im rushing to the bus and took seat in there..