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Saturday, May 30, 2009

true friendship begins

last night was a very special night to me. my friend`s friend, Firdaus and I made our night awesome. we had made the friendship became something alive till i found that it hard to find this kind of friendship.Maybe that`s what we call, true friendship. how do i know him? well actually, beginning of this year, my former friend, Nik Aliff asked me to meet at Billion. and that day he brought together with him was a friend to accompany him. that was Firdaus. so,there i started to know him and till now we become closer and closer. we texted each other in every single day. but just sometimes when he`s not busy with his studies. because this year,he`ll be sitting stpm..i wish him the best of luck.
hmm back to our night, we recalled back how did we know and he mentioned the person who responsible to this that is, Nik Aliff..yes,he`s the only one who introduced Firdaus to me..and vice versa..because of him, me and Firdaus now are friend. so, i made suggestion that lets text him and saying thank you so much for what he had done to us. he agreed and he added to make similar short message and send to Nik Aliff..haha..make him surprise..
here is the sample of message
salam,thx for be the one who introduced Firdaus to me..(mine)
salam, thx for be the one who introduced As to me..(him)

haha..and yup,our sangkaan was true..just for a few seconds, he replied to me..
hah?whats wrong with u both...
me and Firdaus just LOL...we did it!!..end up with this, thx for being my friends..

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

1st date after 6months

we met at mcD kbmall around 12 pm...i really miss him and that day, we talked a lots of things, any topic that came across our mind..haha, he`s not change at all, still the same. he wore orange t-shirt and i like usual, brown one..
when i was at the parking space, i texted him ask where is he now..he replied by saying that he`s in front of ogawa...oh ok then...i entered the entrance and straight away to the location..haha..then i saw a guy was sitting on the long chair near the counter y bulat tu..kah3...its him..wah, still the same..he was reading the newspaper..and i smiled to him.we were sitting and facing each other..hehe really happy at the moment..we toured the mall,walking and looking at surrounding..and we ported to get rest at mcD..having launch...basically,about 3 hours we met that day and it was enough to show our loves respectively...that we were really missing..just imagine 6months without meeting, just contact through messaging and him,i would like to say..a bunch of thanks for everything..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

slowly to love ...

My gift to you is my love
Given from deep within my heart
It is the best I have to offer
And its yours until this earth we depart

You have captured a part of me
A part so very fragile that I am in fear
For it is my heart I have lost
To you my love, the one I hold most dear

I chose to love you now
With all that I have and all that I am
And I pray that God follows us
To guide our steps as we cross this land

For it is with His blessings
We will live most at peace with each other
For He is the reason after all
We found one another ........ I Love You!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

final result!!!

at last, the final result was launched yesterday but i didn`t able to access the server because maybe the line was too busy at that time...yea rr..rmai glerr y nk check..stucked!,this morning, i checked it..hmm not really satisfied rr..mnurun!!!haha..i only got 3.11 for this sem...waaaaa

it hurts me

late night...his sms had hurt me and made me sad all day...i thought that i wouldn`t contact with him anymore but i can`t do,i am sms`ing with him...

here are the messages between me and him

abg:jom kua ptg esk,minum2..
as:esk??xleh rr..nk balk pp
abg:ish,ala jom r
as:xleh r..xtau sempat ke x ptg esk ni
abg:wateva laa..byk tol alasan..nk ajk jmpe pum ssh..da mcm vip da
as:(after read it)-terlopong for awhile..xde mood da..just texted nitez


yesterday, he texted me and said sorry for what he did..i said nevermind..already forgot(btl ker?)haha..

happy mother`s day

haha..sorry mom for the late gift...huhu...nah, special for u my mom..i love u so much..

Mother the biggest gift of Allah to us
Mother the candle burn herself to light our life
Mother the other name of kindness
Mother who hold us nine month and suffer
Mother who feed us from her blood and milk
Mother stays sleepless all the nights holding us
Mother teach us how to walk and talk
Mother guides us and secures us
Mother loves us from start to end
Mother is mother no one can take her place
mother to me is ABOVE ALL

with lots and lots of love-adik noor

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

im back again!!

this morning at back to my hometown..huhu...home sweet home..yabedabedu..missing lots of thing syg...huhu...

Monday, May 18, 2009

homestay at kuala medang...

to end our foundation of tesl..we had an awesome programme that was homestay at kuala medang, kuala lipis pahang...the journey from kuantan to there was taken about 7-8hours...huhu..we were welcomed from them with paluang kompang,bunga mangga and sort of together with my partner, atie were chosen to be ank angkat kpd tok penghulu kuala serau..kuala serau is the kampung y sgt2 ulu line coverage but that place was really awesome..lalala.

miss this blog so much!!

arghh,long time of not posting blog here..a lot of things i missed..some i already forgot and some i still remember...huhu...ok,to start with what i remember,

on 26th-i had a teaching programme for primary school at kuantan...the purpose of teaching is to promote the usage of English among pupils..

next,that night,i went home..on 28th-dlah`s birthday.i misses that date and late to wish her..sorry darling!on 30th-got maktab`s interview at kuala terengganu..ok..end all the activities in april..

start with 3rd-got spa8`s interview at klinik tendong. on 5th & 6th-hangout at kbmall,alone..huhu..that night, back to campus..7th-hangout with wawa and qila at megamall and day-continue with lepaking..searching for the stuffs..on 8th-got tesl farewall dinner at vistana..10th-last paper for listening..11th-muet speaking...and..MERDEKAA!!!!