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Monday, August 31, 2009


hello everyone..firstly,i wish u all a happy merdeka day!!this year its been 52th year of our country,MALAYSIA celebrated its birthday..with new slogan
i like the so meaningful and we can feel the hidden meaning with our sense.there are so many stories that i need to share here..for now,ini dlu ek.will update later.zzzz...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

presenting.. blog's new look...clap3x
got the inspiration from zumiela7's blog,ive decided to change my layout,appearance and everything bout my blog this time
added new gadgets n so on..but do not get confuse bout the color k..although pink is the background color but orange is still no.1 in my heart.i just can't found the orange background.hehe
to jelon..sorry mr pink, now i like pink too..haha
not less than one hour more, i'll be leaving..leaving from here to there..meaning back to my lovely campus..IPGMKSM.and tomorrow morning, we'll going to putrajaya for koir kebangsaan.err

5th day...

as we know, today is the fifth day of ramadan but i have no chance to get fast like u all..waaa
when, when, when..sigh*
later i need to replace it laa..senang skrg,ssh kmudian ( abg said)
don't blame me, its a normal cycle for women guys, do not get jealous..daaa

how do i fulfill this holiday? to yuni because introduced me to this game..FARMVILLE on fb..seronak woo!
now i am addicted to this game...later on i`ll become a successful farmer..errr virtual la, not in a real world.
im still a teacher-to-be..
this game is one of the virtual-reality games also known as online games..hey guys,why dont u try this thing first..for fb users only.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

mid sem break?

here are the list of my homework for this time:
1) KKP math
2) KKP bm
3) KKP pai
4) TMK's presentation
5) TMK-virtualreality
6) KS2-dasar luar, en sulizi
7) KS2-geormofologi, en razak
8) ELP-en kem
9) Grammar- en yahya
10) L/S-mdm azah
from the above. there is no meaning for mid sem break..
what is the purpose for break if we gonna to do and finish up all of these.ha..(ceyy)
me answer..because we are teacher trainee! dats all..satisfied?haha
today is the 4th day of holiday and i have done lazy doo..lucky me because ive brought home my books, so i can do the homework..but unlike my friend, panda..he didn't bring home any of his he cant do 'em (refer to the list)..well, actually we PPISMP are suppose to back to campus on saturday evening because we are going to KL at night. but the schedule had been postpone to this thats why we are going to stay longer at home..means, to settle the 'GIFTS'..huhu..poor u panda..kah3

Saturday, August 22, 2009

ramadan comes again

it is that time of the year once again. it is the advent of a month that is filled with innumerable blessings, the thirty days which require a Muslim to observe one of the five pillars of Islam, that is fasting...
ramadan is characterized not just by its obligation on every Muslim to keep away from certain things which are allowed in other months, but also by the weight of blessings attached to every good deed performed in this month....probably the most significant is the fact that in this month, as we are told by Allah,
-the gates of Heaven are thrown open
-the gates of Hell are closed
-the devils are chained.
this essentially signifies that, in Ramadan, the devils and their advocates have a much more difficult job diverting true Muslims from fully reaping the bounties of Allah by performing every religious duty with a pure setan laa...
hope this ramadan, i can be more diligent to wake up in the morning and perform solat sunat and meet the lailatulqadar..ameen

Monday, August 17, 2009


before i tell the hot story..first of all i would like to stress here that WE ARE INNOCENT!
ok..i admitted that today is the 'majaa' day to us. it is because early in the morning lagi, we have being scolded by mdm mariah who is well-known as a hot-tempered i care?
haha..she blamed us because not going to her room, take LCD and invited her to class.
instead, me n muni had already been there after the assembly but unfortunately her room is locked and we saw the papan kenyataan outside jabatan bahasa-bahasa shows that mdm mariah is OUT..thats mean she's not in ipgmksm.then mdm nor azah called us, and asked when do we have free time. because she wanted to change the schedule. and we told her that, now is mdm mariah's class but she's out and next sir yahya's. she said that owh yahya is not here and she will coming in. so we just answered allright, see u later. hmm 5-10minutes later la, mdm mariah appeared in front of the class with angry face (imagine it).we were shocked like seeing a ghost. she asked,
why ur not come in my room and take the LCD (angry tone)..look at me, i need to bring it along, go upstrairs and u all just doing nothing!!!
I`M NOT YOUR KULI!!! (me said:im not saying that u r my kuli)
we were not giving the time to say something..include me, the talkative and being labelled as rude oleh adzhar pun, unable to speak and told the real story.
no words uttered from us after that and we just let her scold+condemn and whatever she wants to say..we just kept silent

Saturday, August 15, 2009


we, PPISMP july09 intake...are not going to key ell for merdeka celebration..

do u hear that???


..we love our life..

p/s just iklan shj..konkonon berlagak la ni..huhu

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

is it H1N1??

NO!!!...the doc said that im just having normal negative k guys..huhu
my body temperature was 37.7...not reach 40 that is why i was classified as normal fever not H1N1 laa..
i got terrible cough. i can feel the pain inside my throat. and it made me uncomfortable in every situation except sleep.haha
i bought a large bottle of 100PLUS...(order from doc)..but still it didn't recovered..sigh*
latest news i got, about 18 people have been kuarantin in my ipgm for 10days...
look its getting worse from day by day..
one of them is my classmate,shida..get well soon-miss u
guys, watchout!

Monday, August 10, 2009


first time i did presentation on sej msia and first time i joined taekwondo training
both at IPGMKSM..but unluckily my presentation was been distracted by fahmi bro..
asking us to go to cafe-ukur blazer..spoil btl la..uhh
wednesday's night, joined taekwondo team..boleh tahan gak..huhu
the instructor just a teacher trainee same with us..not a master..but he has maybe 2nd DAN blackbelt kot...i am still in red 2..kah3
basically,in ipgmksm the aliran is ITF.i found that its the same with GTF which ive learned in primary school..while in secondary school, im in WTF...
wau, now ive three combination GTF+WTF+ITF
thats great..keep it up as!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

we rock!

banner for us :>arriving at location...
lucky us, because our bus didn`t create any trouble along the journey to gua musang. but other buses did. they stucked mostly.
we enjoyed the kursus all the times till we were not going back to campus..there were so great.
we felt free of stresses and lived in our own world. just WE. a big family.
night before we left, i got ear-pained and need to take to the nearest hospital. so en.mat, our pengiring took me there. he waited me till the end. i think about 2 hours something. really thanks to him. syg en.mat.huhu

here`s are few pics of us:
social girlssocial boysthis is my family now..guys..
realizing that we will be together for five years and a half..lets be a happy family.
i missed this moment

Saturday, August 8, 2009


at last, he knows my blog..
..sorry abg..huhu
owing to this, hmm so i would like to say that there's no secret between us now.
actually, i kept this blog from him because i dont want him to know my activities and what i'm writing about him.huhu
but so'kay, its all baek2 belaka ye..
if it hurts, just be cool k and if it makes u mesmerize, alluring, or what-so-ever, pun be cool k..
it just a writing
so starting from today, i need to behave sket la in my writing
lots of thing to be settle..tomorrow,i've two presentations..sej msia and sains politik(blur) as well as need to update my latest activities..

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


i hate combination!!!
ok..for islamic class we PPISPM july 09 need to combine 4 classes KS, BM, PAI 1&2 and will be placed at dewan syarahan. i dont have any pro with the place.huhu.very comfortable.
the dislike part is the combination. imagine that 4 classes with 80 people and just ONE lecturer in can the proses of learning, gaining, teaching and so whatever will be done.
noise, unclear voice, distraction, or any sorts of these are making me no mood.
and today, for english lang proficiency, 2 classes were combined due clashing of schedule..
who fault?
for sure, not, for next week and till end of this sem, KS and PRA are combine.
this morning, we were first time with the lecturer, Sir Kamarudin. oh i found that he is a strict and serious one. if he says don't smile, we better don't..or lu pk la sndri.
one more thing, he's the one that menekankan participating in do active k.
alright sir, I WILL...(semangatnyer)


2 events straightly will be occured in this month. 1st, tomorrow we PPISMP july 09 need to attent kursus kemahiran belajar at kesedar inn gua musang for 3 days..and the most vital is we were be told this morning(good!!!)
2nd thing is, during mid sem, again we PPISMP july 09 are selected to be on merdeka day live from dataran merdeka.
because we are going to do koir on merdeka celebration. huhu. so this will be participating by teachers trainee from all ipgm's in msia. can't wait to meet new buddies and former friends..
hye guys, here i come!
i am getting miserable now with lots of work to do, presentations, outstations, class probs, ear-pain, pimples..oh gosh, god the almighty.please help me settle all these thing.

forgot to post here that..last 2 nights, we were having busana muslimah night. so im on behave of my class, KS was the model for it.i wore jubah with green+black and need to catwalk around the hall, answered the ques ala2 miss universe gtu..kah3

Sunday, August 2, 2009

big day

saturday was the day...
i met him. after few months we were separated of studying. he's at western, and i'm at east
but together we as one-even our body are far away but our soul are close to each other. he does make me smile all the day,opss he always. so, that day, we were dated for about 3 hours kot...not counted lorh
frankly speaking, i did miss him when he's not at my side..(btl ke aku ni) wah, it looks like i was falling in love..oh no no no.not yet k. there's lot n lots more things need to settle first before i can get to know what is love. so, basically we chatted all the way, round2 kbmall tue...and ate at pizza hut..while waiting for the order(spagetti n pizza pan)..he story me(ayt mdm roose)
he told me about his lecturer and his classmates r..adoiii, so funny..i did laugh non-stopped
wanna hear the story??hmmm ok..his prof is from already,so long r)
so, we can guess his slang of an african right...kah3..his friend's name is ahmad fauzan
due to his slang of eng, so he called him
ehmed taazan..(just imagine the whole class would respons)
end of the story...
conclusion of the day was...i did enjoyed my dated with him..thx abg

and that day also, i met my friend. mat yie, dak ipgm kb
taking pj and his minor is same with what else...
mitak assignments r..
bkn ape..for reference copy2 k..huhu