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Friday, February 27, 2009

an awesome evening!

this evening,we,all teslian students went to taman gelora beach to have some exercises with our beloved lec-that is mdm shima...ok,let me story u(ayt mdm roose),hua3..we,ladies began our journey,ceyy(journey nah,poyo btl bia 10mnt jah pum) at 5.15pm.when to kampus remaja first to take the boys then to taman time we arrived,mdm didn`t come,we do our own activities laa..what else,snapping pictures everywhere..some of them were mingle around..and me,just sit under the tree with my buddies nabil n yuni,since qila was absent due to period pain.
the first activity we did is,as usual,warm up.khalis was the leader and guide is,POCO-POCO...this requires the volunteers need to be in front to show us the steps.because,not remember maa,quite long not doing this.haha..hmmm,so naim afiq shazni n nik were the was fun and i got so so so sweet memories gang port the end of the line so that we can easily curi rr..beside me was wanie aka mak guard,haha..she made jokes all the time till we cannot focus to the poco-poco and at last we we just saw others doing.after that,chicken dance.this dance requires us to act like a chicken and the most vital is to gerak2kn our buttock..embarassing take safety,i didn`t do it..malu rr beb..hua3.but mak guard did it..hmm due to her size,it was funny when she shake her body..we laugh nonstopped,but she still do it..hahah..last activity was,bola beracun(poisonous ball kot)huhu..this is the most i goes like this,we need to make a big big as we could laa..and some people need to be chicks and get into the the rest will throw the poison ball to the chicks.i mean hurl the ball to the body that after kena tue,consider die laa..poison kn...hahah..
first groupo was,tesl A that is my class..we were the chicks..after one by one die,the last chick that left was me,uhh...kire sly chick rr..poyo jer..but at last died is class this class, my target was two person.nik and nazif..nik because his ego,ckp bsr i killed him.but nazif,i failed..he is so wild..several times i try to shot him,but mission incomplete rr..but at last he died jgk..someone had killed him but not me k..last was class,all the boys..again my target was nazif but still can`t do it..kebal glerr bdk nie..aish..and the last one is,the volunteers.and this one included mdm..uhh,so pe rr..and again i was the last chick that survive,and as usual died at last..ok,in this time,the revenge his target..haha..ciss,ok its motive k..just for fun..nizwan was the murderer,he killed me violently..haha..
to put in a nutshell,it was an awesome evening and i totally had fun with all my buddies..but he still didn`t talk to me..:( sigh~

Monday, February 23, 2009


hmm...wah,so long not posting blog..well as usual..getting busy with assignments,tests,snippet and problems as well..uhh...i think that my life now is getting fault!..i shouldn`t blame and hate our frienships just waiting for the time to break..its not what im intended.plz to me,like usual..or im the person who need to talk to him first??oh no!!..i can`t do that..

today is the most boring day in this class! just staying in my room,watching movie DEATH NOTE..and viewed the pictures, flashback memories..i miss my friends,dlah,ili,aini,yuni,nana,ida..just now, my mom called..i really miss her.damn so 2 weeks,i`ll go back to my hometown..i got 5 days holidays..and i also know that during that weeks,i`ll have many assignments to bring finish march,i have demo speech..still don`t know what kind of demo i`ll present..but in my mind now,i was thinking to make potpourri..we`ll see it!ok..

next,i just got the allowance.rm750..this is the last allowance that we got for this sem..aka the last sem.hmm..the baki from previous allowance,i still have about to sum up,rm1000 altogether..hmm quite byk laa..but,im not going to spend them in shopping bla bla..instead i wanted to keep it..then when it reaches the amount around rm1500..i will use it..hahah..actually i really2 need a handphone that canggih laa..mcm2 eager to have sony ericcson slide..still thinking which model..

Friday, February 20, 2009

im nobody to anybody?

oh plzz laa..he said this i believe it?no no no...u better dont as,come on...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

it comes again..

bullshit!!that sucks feeling come again..arghh..i surrounded with stress..feel ashamed with myself and friends..well he is quite kind guy but..uhh...i dont seems like im his victim..AGAIN??but why im always be like this??its not what i want..ok,maybe its my a gullible person-easy to trust somebody..and i take all those things lackadaisical..which mean,do not care what people say about the guy..well it is because what people say and the guy says are different..

ok,for example,a friend of mine which is my friend since we were child..he says that the guy is a playboy and never trust him.but the guy says to me that,he is not and sincere to me..arghh~things are getting messy now.i dont know who im suppose to trust.until yesterday i saw him....with....a girl..the girl is his girlfriend..actually,a month ago,he texted me and said that somebody wants i just answered,ler accept jer laa..because i just wanted to be friend with him not more than,after that day..i know he is taken but i dont know whos the girl..but yesterday,he and his gf went to watch movie..

why i felt ashamed of myself and friends??because for several times,me and him went hangout together,just both of us.even in the cinema..thats why i feel down..the thing is not gonna to happen like this if i be more careful and listen to what people say..last night,i cried..really stupid dumby..i called my bestfriend and told her everything..after cry and cry..i felt relieved and fresh again..from that day,the feeling of hate boys come again and im sure that this time it will remain for a long an antiboys!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

surprise party!!!

OMG...thanks u guys...u all rock!superb!i love u all...
ok,it goes like this..actually at that night,i was sleeping.but my roommate,wawa came and wake me up..she said that,

as,klua jap..p ambk tdung itam ko kt ampaian

and then,i felt weird because i didn`t wash any of my tudung,with a heavy heart,i went outside my room..when i opened the door...SURPRISE!!!-the song of happy birthday came and i felt like im the most lucky person in the world..i cant stop smiling with all my friends surrounding me, it was one of the best days of my life...ceyy.all eleven of us look happy; it was a night for many smiles...everyone is crowded in the middle of the study room..

Friday, February 13, 2009


really really really have fun today...
sir nawy told us that this coming saturday,7 of we are needed to go to mock teaching..teach form 5 students from sm teknik seri we got shocked..he asked for volunteers but only two responded...the rest just silent.included me..haha..then due to that,he picked random from the name list and is selected...oh shitt!..ok going to first i thought that one person per so so nervous, im not well we arrived at the school, the teacher there told that ok..thats only 4 classes,so two persons per class..hahha...relieved for,qila and me went to the class..hmmm...ok,mostly female students.male just 10persons..haha..relieved again.first thing we did was ice usual..we played some games, tought them literature lil bit..well, the students were quite ok laa..sporting and naughty2..haha...we tought them for 2hours..enjoyed gler2...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

ongbak 2

went to watch a movie...that is ONGBAK 2..err...actually im not really like this movie, this genre..but..tgk jew laa....because at last the hero died without killed the villains..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

i cried??

i cried and the toilet after presented the story telling. im so so so `lucky` because be the second person that will present.oh,lucky i am..(poyo jerr). actually im depressed due to that number..well,im not saying that im not well memorize the story telling and prepared for it.but not to be the first or second person.instead im the first girl who be the story so so nervous..god,damn it!!!arghh,that why after that,i went to the toilet and ....

eventhough i succeed in the story telling which means i memorizes the whole story but im still not satisfied with my performance.i think that i could done better than that.if i were at number 5,6,7...
but,past is past,i just accept it and well, now im not depressed more..the sucks thing that worry me now is,my pimple..near my nose,it really sucks and embarassing me.(stupid laa)..til at the moment i felt ashamed to go out with my friends..argh!!damn damn.

Monday, February 9, 2009

first birhtday`s present..

haha,even my birthday is not coming yet,which is 6 days more..i already got my first birthday`s present from my sis...huhu..that is CANON PIXMA funny ler..anyway,thanks along..even it seems not like a present..hmmmm

Friday, February 6, 2009

eight days more...

my 19th birthday is just around the not feel happy or impatient to wait that day..instead i just feel saddy..waaa..i don`t want to be 19,i wanna remains 18 forever..if i can..uhhh
i wish i have a party for that..just a small the cake,celebrate with my buddies..we sing the song of happy birthday, we laugh, we what else??hmmm..
but usually,when it comes to a birthday of someone, we normally do these
1) sapu toothpaste kt muke besday girl tue
2) baling telur
3)bedak sejuk
hmm...some sort of things laa...

havoc week

this is the most havoc week that i ever have..really mean it..from 8 subjects,only one that not have damn busy!!the one that didn`t have assignment was basic principles in edu. by tuan hj..haha..the rest full!!..starting from monday till thursday..on mon-i have presentation and snipet on going to be partner with qila(the roommate).tue-ok this one is 3 in 1,college reading 2 by dr j.we gonna to have a quiz, an article bout environment and the most excited part is watch movie...the title is BEAUTIFUL the afternoon,we have IPA test aka phonetic symbols.uhhh..i can imagine how tiring it will  be.on wed-we have presentation on adverb..well,we still dunno who will be the presentors..haha,but its not ME!..i will just be the finder..haha...find the materials..and uhhh the most vital the evening,we all gonna to have STORY TELLING..arghh!!im dying..uhh,need to memorise the story and comes out with props and acts like the pro story teller..thu-the last class,college writing with mdm laily(bestzz)..she is our friend..journals and the outline of organ donation..after that.I PROUDLY WILL ENDED THE HAVOC WEEK....closed...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

back stabber??

OMG!..the biggest lie that i ever heard and at last had been spread away..a life cheat,everybody believe it.EVERYBODY!..i dont know why she acts like that.she have abilities,she is smart,quite pretty,rich and can be said that she own everything.except love from a me,i think we dont need it.we can survive without a man.uhh~sigh~..this happened to my closet friends and me as well.actually that girl,let me give the name so that its easy to understand.hmm,SS.ok.before this,we and SS were so so so close together.we talked,laughed,eat together and be in a group of assignment.we dont know the truth.and truth came on feb,1st ago.when A (not the real name) told us that the real SS..we got shocked,really we were..the SS even condenmed me and all of us laa..only she is the perfect person in this world.she keep on to tell others by saying that

eee,as tu gediks laa...bla3..

argh.i was really pissed-off..feels like want to slap her face in public..who do not mad??not just me..but all of us.her classmates.the most vital is..her soulmate,bestfriend,roommate...i felt sympathy to her..some how i think that what is the motive she did all sort of these???oh,the funny is,she has feeling with one boy from our class..well,there have four boys in our class..guess who?hahah..cannot mention here..really funny..she has confessed to that boy that she like him..and u know what...hmmm,the boy had rejected her...oooo how poor she,starting from now,i dont want to interrupt in this case anymore.i`ll just listen only..well,im a good listener..dont want to get fight with anybody..i`ll just be myself and let the whole life(this problem) pass by me..i dont care anymore..ignore her...

Monday, February 2, 2009

jubilant moment

about today`s class..
both were so so never felt like this before.but today was an awesome.first class with mdm jue-teaching literature..fuyy0,really live and didn`t get boring or yawning..we did presentation on short stories and novel..haha..there have some moments that we nonstop laughed because of afix..haha..he got maybe nervous and keep on to do mistakes on pronunciation.till madam correct him several times..and then ask
whats wrong with u today afix?
next class was,sir nawy-basic was commonly that in this class,we were talkative.everyone should talked.he asked us a,even some of us got yawn or even slept..but still we can made some noise..huhu...