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Sunday, August 9, 2009

we rock!

banner for us :>arriving at location...
lucky us, because our bus didn`t create any trouble along the journey to gua musang. but other buses did. they stucked mostly.
we enjoyed the kursus all the times till we were not going back to campus..there were so great.
we felt free of stresses and lived in our own world. just WE. a big family.
night before we left, i got ear-pained and need to take to the nearest hospital. so en.mat, our pengiring took me there. he waited me till the end. i think about 2 hours something. really thanks to him. syg en.mat.huhu

here`s are few pics of us:
social girlssocial boysthis is my family now..guys..
realizing that we will be together for five years and a half..lets be a happy family.
i missed this moment

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