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Monday, August 10, 2009


first time i did presentation on sej msia and first time i joined taekwondo training
both at IPGMKSM..but unluckily my presentation was been distracted by fahmi bro..
asking us to go to cafe-ukur blazer..spoil btl la..uhh
wednesday's night, joined taekwondo team..boleh tahan gak..huhu
the instructor just a teacher trainee same with us..not a master..but he has maybe 2nd DAN blackbelt kot...i am still in red 2..kah3
basically,in ipgmksm the aliran is ITF.i found that its the same with GTF which ive learned in primary school..while in secondary school, im in WTF...
wau, now ive three combination GTF+WTF+ITF
thats great..keep it up as!

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