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Sunday, August 2, 2009

big day

saturday was the day...
i met him. after few months we were separated of studying. he's at western, and i'm at east
but together we as one-even our body are far away but our soul are close to each other. he does make me smile all the day,opss he always. so, that day, we were dated for about 3 hours kot...not counted lorh
frankly speaking, i did miss him when he's not at my side..(btl ke aku ni) wah, it looks like i was falling in love..oh no no no.not yet k. there's lot n lots more things need to settle first before i can get to know what is love. so, basically we chatted all the way, round2 kbmall tue...and ate at pizza hut..while waiting for the order(spagetti n pizza pan)..he story me(ayt mdm roose)
he told me about his lecturer and his classmates r..adoiii, so funny..i did laugh non-stopped
wanna hear the story??hmmm ok..his prof is from already,so long r)
so, we can guess his slang of an african right...kah3..his friend's name is ahmad fauzan
due to his slang of eng, so he called him
ehmed taazan..(just imagine the whole class would respons)
end of the story...
conclusion of the day was...i did enjoyed my dated with him..thx abg

and that day also, i met my friend. mat yie, dak ipgm kb
taking pj and his minor is same with what else...
mitak assignments r..
bkn ape..for reference copy2 k..huhu


adLiNa said...

ooo..cuti2 malaysia nie kua dating ek..hik3

mE iS aS said...

bkn cuti2 msia la nana..cuti H1N1..

ili ~! said...

amboi...berdate ko eyh!!!

mE iS aS said...

date bnde wei..sesaje je..hang out..,