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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


2 events straightly will be occured in this month. 1st, tomorrow we PPISMP july 09 need to attent kursus kemahiran belajar at kesedar inn gua musang for 3 days..and the most vital is we were be told this morning(good!!!)
2nd thing is, during mid sem, again we PPISMP july 09 are selected to be on merdeka day live from dataran merdeka.
because we are going to do koir on merdeka celebration. huhu. so this will be participating by teachers trainee from all ipgm's in msia. can't wait to meet new buddies and former friends..
hye guys, here i come!
i am getting miserable now with lots of work to do, presentations, outstations, class probs, ear-pain, pimples..oh gosh, god the almighty.please help me settle all these thing.

forgot to post here that..last 2 nights, we were having busana muslimah night. so im on behave of my class, KS was the model for it.i wore jubah with green+black and need to catwalk around the hall, answered the ques ala2 miss universe gtu..kah3

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