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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

mid sem break?

here are the list of my homework for this time:
1) KKP math
2) KKP bm
3) KKP pai
4) TMK's presentation
5) TMK-virtualreality
6) KS2-dasar luar, en sulizi
7) KS2-geormofologi, en razak
8) ELP-en kem
9) Grammar- en yahya
10) L/S-mdm azah
from the above. there is no meaning for mid sem break..
what is the purpose for break if we gonna to do and finish up all of these.ha..(ceyy)
me answer..because we are teacher trainee! dats all..satisfied?haha
today is the 4th day of holiday and i have done lazy doo..lucky me because ive brought home my books, so i can do the homework..but unlike my friend, panda..he didn't bring home any of his he cant do 'em (refer to the list)..well, actually we PPISMP are suppose to back to campus on saturday evening because we are going to KL at night. but the schedule had been postpone to this thats why we are going to stay longer at home..means, to settle the 'GIFTS'..huhu..poor u panda..kah3


zaim najmie said...

byk nye keje.... hanya tuhan yg tahu!!!! miss our unit so much.... see ya at putrjaya diz friday!!!

mE iS aS said...

br tau ke bro betapa bebannye kite..haha.yup2...miss u guys oredi la..putrajaya here we come!