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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

5th day...

as we know, today is the fifth day of ramadan but i have no chance to get fast like u all..waaa
when, when, when..sigh*
later i need to replace it laa..senang skrg,ssh kmudian ( abg said)
don't blame me, its a normal cycle for women guys, do not get jealous..daaa

how do i fulfill this holiday? to yuni because introduced me to this game..FARMVILLE on fb..seronak woo!
now i am addicted to this game...later on i`ll become a successful farmer..errr virtual la, not in a real world.
im still a teacher-to-be..
this game is one of the virtual-reality games also known as online games..hey guys,why dont u try this thing first..for fb users only.


zaim najmie said...

thanxs 4 ur opy bout da phone... namun begitu jua (pekataan klasik), nk try search gak harga kat lowyat takut2 ader yg murah ckit...

pan paNDa said...

org pose x pnuh xleh raye...huhuhu

mE iS aS said...

zaim: owh...ok then...i respect ur dec..
do survey for me too ye..

panda: eleh,sape oyk...AKU OYK BLEH!!!:P