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Monday, August 17, 2009


before i tell the hot story..first of all i would like to stress here that WE ARE INNOCENT!
ok..i admitted that today is the 'majaa' day to us. it is because early in the morning lagi, we have being scolded by mdm mariah who is well-known as a hot-tempered i care?
haha..she blamed us because not going to her room, take LCD and invited her to class.
instead, me n muni had already been there after the assembly but unfortunately her room is locked and we saw the papan kenyataan outside jabatan bahasa-bahasa shows that mdm mariah is OUT..thats mean she's not in ipgmksm.then mdm nor azah called us, and asked when do we have free time. because she wanted to change the schedule. and we told her that, now is mdm mariah's class but she's out and next sir yahya's. she said that owh yahya is not here and she will coming in. so we just answered allright, see u later. hmm 5-10minutes later la, mdm mariah appeared in front of the class with angry face (imagine it).we were shocked like seeing a ghost. she asked,
why ur not come in my room and take the LCD (angry tone)..look at me, i need to bring it along, go upstrairs and u all just doing nothing!!!
I`M NOT YOUR KULI!!! (me said:im not saying that u r my kuli)
we were not giving the time to say something..include me, the talkative and being labelled as rude oleh adzhar pun, unable to speak and told the real story.
no words uttered from us after that and we just let her scold+condemn and whatever she wants to say..we just kept silent


adLiNa said...

huhuhu..kecian..mcm garang sgt je lecturer tuh

mE iS aS said...

xlah garang die depends on her mood..time ok,shes ok..time KO..kami lah mangsanya..huhu

zaim najmie said...

well, sometimes God always try to TEST us in different ways.... hop dat ramadan will bless our unit from be torture or making somebody angry... remember, things happen for a reason!!! but i'm still keep in searching wai she so angry wit us.... although i was not there at dat time, i'm still can feel da hot situation... pnjgnyer komen aku!!! tidaaaaaakkk....

mE iS aS said...

yup..u weren't there n i was there..i can feel she looks, her loud voice..urghh xtdo mlm aku..haha