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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


i hate combination!!!
ok..for islamic class we PPISPM july 09 need to combine 4 classes KS, BM, PAI 1&2 and will be placed at dewan syarahan. i dont have any pro with the place.huhu.very comfortable.
the dislike part is the combination. imagine that 4 classes with 80 people and just ONE lecturer in can the proses of learning, gaining, teaching and so whatever will be done.
noise, unclear voice, distraction, or any sorts of these are making me no mood.
and today, for english lang proficiency, 2 classes were combined due clashing of schedule..
who fault?
for sure, not, for next week and till end of this sem, KS and PRA are combine.
this morning, we were first time with the lecturer, Sir Kamarudin. oh i found that he is a strict and serious one. if he says don't smile, we better don't..or lu pk la sndri.
one more thing, he's the one that menekankan participating in do active k.
alright sir, I WILL...(semangatnyer)

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