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Monday, September 1, 2008


merdeka???? ya.

for this year, i was celebrating independence day at uitm kuantan, for more specific, in bukit sekilau campus..actually, it was nothing.i felt really bored. as usual before 12a.m (countdown time), the events had been full with intertainment such as drama, singing, story telling bout merdeka.. and etc..

my mom had called me and we talked to each other..oh God, why i felt that i really miss her so much..

tomorrow, all muslims will start to fasting..and except me..y??..because i can` fact, this fasting month, i can`t fasting in a full month..i need to replace it...

last year, i could fast in a full month...huhu

during the ceramah bout merdeka..i was daydreaming and listening to music..and not forgetting..snapping pictures..i luv taking pics..

when the time comes, near 12a.m, i think maybe around 11.57p.m, we all started to countdown..just coundown and screamed merdeka!..twice fireworks..thats why i said that it was really bored..

after that, im rushing to the bus and took seat in there..

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