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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


on 31st august ago...i was dating with my friend from gambang matriculation..his name is ali..we knew each other since we were in form 4. he was a very kind and religion man.huhu
i met him at berjaya that time, i with my buddy,wawa.(backup liner).hahah

at first, i was so excited because that such a long time we are not meet each other.. so we decided to hang out all day night there..we played bowling, lunch, watching cinema..

we played bowl. that was really funny and amazing because...huhu...ladies and gentleman...i defeated him..hahaha!!!

with 101 pins and he just got 75pins..haha..amazing right??ya,quite la...he was shocked and accept the reality that i was teror than him..haha

actually, i`ve told him earlier that i was good in bowl, but he keep on not tot trust me and now u see,ali..hahah

after that, we went for lunch at kfc...wawa desperated want to eat chezzy wadges there..

i met my friends, eka,lyn,nazif,pokjat and others..they were liked a little bit shocked when they saw me with a guy(ali)..and they keep on to ask me who is this?who is this?

i introduced ali to them and told them, this is my friend from gambang matriculation..FRIEND???....they didn`t believed me...because they thought that he was my boyfriend..and i replied NO...(lantak korg la)

near to 2.30pm, we started to walk to cinema..ali had booked three tickets for us to watch a movie.that is first, i thought that it was just an ordinary story and it might be bored. so that why i was panned to sleep during the movie was playing.haha

but im totally wrong. that was a great great movie..i saw ali really focus on the story..this is because when i offered him popcorn,he rejected it.wau!!

and i also started to eyes keep on to open widely and sometimes, i turned left and looked onto wawa`s face.i knew that she was bored because she didn`t like this such kind of story.

i laughed to her and we laughed together.
the storyline was so interesting.the story is about one lady who owned magucal power. actually she is not an original human beings, instead she just a clone.
i rated this story 8/10...ok lah tue

it getting late now, around 6.30pm, we are going to back to our campus at kuantan campus and he..gambang

so,the dating was end there. im having fun on that day..opss...correction we are having fun!yeah..

thx ali.

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