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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


what are those things mean??

here, all the words have the same meaning actually that is pretender...haha

today,sorry to say that madam...but im just kidding..i got so excited when afiq told us that the class has been cancelled..haha...(am i a bad ??)

excited???hmm no,i mean is time of the class is not suitable because it is at 1, you guys imagine how the condition feels..tiring,sleepy,no mood at that time..

i was shocked at first to hear the `bad` news,and i`ve showed to the class my reaction..i thought that everybody not focussed on me,but im wrong.

so,they all keep on to saying that word,plastic plastic, u r plastic.. so embarassed. and then,im corrected the real situation,told them that i was worried bout madam..huhu..lalalala

our beloved and supporting madam roose was sicked,that why she cancelled the class for today.
actually,today we gonna to do speaking.a conversation between situations.

she already told us that be well prepared,because this assessment may consists of 15% if i not mistaken..but im not prepared anything. that is one of the reasons why im happy today.

to me, im not a plastic nor PVC nor polyststerence or either as..huhu

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