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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

i`m done!

at last, everything was done.uhh really relief..

two presentation in just one day...both morning for malaysian studies by the evening, for college reading by MDM JU.

praise to God, i did well in both presentation..and the most vital is, i`ve got commendation from Dr.J..he told that he was impressed by our slide was differ from other glad to hear that..huhu

i`ve put some pictures and nice backgrounds to make it more interesting. the pictures are based on the topic. for example, i`ve put picture of chinese people, malays, indians and even was suit with the topic..and yeah, everybody interested and laughed.

for malaysian studies, it just like normal, read from the slides...huhu...that was fine.but in college reading subject, it can`t...we cannot read from the slides..we must explain one by one and come out with examples...that was made me nervous and a little bit scared.

luckily, everythings going smoothly..we are not having difficulties in both presentations and did well...bravo girls!

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