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Thursday, September 18, 2008

again??break the fasting outside..

today..again,i broke the fast at kfc..wah..sound luxurious rite??hahah...

well...we got allowance for rm1000...but, my mum already asked me not to use that money...instead,keep it...

"adik,u just keep it the money, use the money that i`ve send to u..but not the allowance!"

ok mum, but im not promise..haha

i went for shopping..i got crazy with shoes+clothes+accessories..VINCCI, NOSE,APPLEMINTS,NICOL,BUM..all of them are my favourite brands.

i`ve bought a new shoes from is black in colour..about 2.5inches..shirts for for my baby, and one for me..its looked nice. cant wait anymore to give it to him...

i have joined TESL GROUP B to eat at kfc this time..actually, im more prefer+suitable being together with them,instead with my own classmates...because i have buddies,i mean close buddies and persons that i knew them since we were in primary school..

wawa&atiq(my gang),aliff(since standard one),shazni&pokjak(since form one),naim for sure(da funniest guy),shahir(the encem guy),and others..

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