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Thursday, September 18, 2008

break the fasting with classmates!

uhh..yestersay was a really cherisable moment that i will remember in my life..that was amusing...enjoying in a single whole day.

it was public holiday..because of nuzul quran..huhu

people spend that day with reading the quran, perform the ibadat, and do some kinds of good things la...but we???...hmmm

my class rep,afix has decided to organize a break fast together with our classmates,which is TESL GROUP SARA THAI..near megamall..

but not all involved in this `party`..just 13 of us out of 19..we left the campus at 5pm and walked to the megamall.we arrived there bout 15minutes later.well, its still early.

so,we did shopping.

later on, we decided to wait at restoran sara thai.we booked 14 seats and set the lauk pauk.wau,yummy...

we ordered tomyam,ayam halia paprik,telur dadar,sayur ikan kailan and not forgetting air sirap..haha

we did enjoyed, we laughed seems like a big family among us.we have been closed in just one day.i felt like everybody around me,those people who i knew such for a long time.

after that,we performed solat at surau.then, continued with our next activitiy...BOWLING

well,im not saying that im pro in just`biase2 aje`huhu..azami became champion on that night with 115pins.and for girls, eka..uhh little bit disappointed.

i dont know why on that night,my hand didn`t function well.or even i didn`t got any strike nor sad!

but it doesn`t matter.we finished the game at activity,we went to ecm.again by foot.i bought some food.actually i wanted to buy big apple but it is sold out..wau,awesome..i entered NOSE,and got attracted with a shoes.after tried it and satisfied..i bought it.we went back by 10.30pm

on the way back,we stopped at a is nearest to seri malaysia hotel..its just along a road.the road is quite and lack of vehicles use that road.we stopped there just to snapped photos..crazy photos..that was my idea.well,i love to snap photos..huhu

we arrived at campus near 11pm..with smiley face+exhauted...

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