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Saturday, September 20, 2008

crazy night???

i didn`t know what had happened to me...i just felt something that the world here is the owner...enjoy+happy...

im too young, too worry.seems like this song`s lyric.just now me, qila,wawa and atiq..or AKA=WAQA..went to buy some oil..uhhh no lah..

just for fun.bought ice-cream.and not forgetting,the most vital things is snapping pictures.we forgot bout the assignments that makes me suck...hmmm same to them..i`ve no mood to do it.but tomorrow i`ll try to finish it..(bleh pcaya ka?)

and today also,we went for shopping at ecm..again??uhh..sorry mum,i cant stand longer with that money.but i used it wisely..lalala

ok..continue bout crazy all because qila and wawa`s plan..they said that, hey..lets go to petronas. we can `maen mercun` along the road..hahaha

well the main purpose is the play the mercuns..because in the campus,we cant.

the pakgard and senior will scold us. its just for fun.instead,its weekend.why they dont understand the situation..ok,i know.maybe they cant understand youth feelings...perghh(tua sgt ke diorg).

ok fine.we found another way.we did played the mercuns.that really in the middle of road while snapping the pictures everywhere.ohh..

apart from that, that night also,we learnt new vocabulary..hahah(vocab ke)..well,actually its vulgar words..wawa tought us..ish3...example, fuck it off, fucking u,stupid bitch,fuck ur ass...(astarufirullahalazim)...

but..take attention..its just for fun..private and confidental only

ok..continue do the assignment...i like????

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