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Friday, September 5, 2008

1st terawih?

this weekend was really bored..we cannot eat,just continue to sleep..till my backbone got pain. but i was grateful to God, because the weather on that day was so so nice..which is dark sky with windy air and sometimes misty rain like drizzling...i liked kind of that moment. it was so pretty romantic laa..huhu

i didn`t much did my assignments. im just playing around, watched movies and ZZzzz...

i felt that im like in leisure without any worries..

and last night was my 1st terawih. we went to masjid negeri which is located in the middle of the main town.

i asked my friend before bout the condition there, and she said that..well it was nice..calm without any stupid sounds...stupid here means kid`s sound..hmmm what else,like screaming,playing..uhh its really annoying me..i dont like kids..

so,i might guess that wau..ok..i`ll go tomorrow.but, when i was there, i found that it was just ordinary. at first, i thought that it might provided with i felt like bestnye, cool beb..pray must be khusyuk...hahah totally aircon just fans..poor me..

but it doesn`t matter...aircon or fan..terawih still terawih..we just did it till 8rakaat and then went back to our beloved campus by bus..

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