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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

that girl is so dangerous...

read this :

u made me pissed-off. u stay away from my life. i am not disturbing u after all. i wont. but u did.  i thought i was over. but when u posted something on my wall, it started to create a war. huhu..takutnyerrr.

hmm fu**ed off??? why not wrote fuCKed off.. why need to use * symbol and hiding 'C' and 'K' letters? oh kire ade ksopanan la d stu ye. ok. reason acceptable.

but please and please remember yourself. heyy who are u? i even do not know u. whats your problem now, u thought by doing that, u would satisfied la ea. if that so, congratulations to u.

u are the one who forced me to be a vicious damn girl. u created this and u would finish it. as the way u like. stop it before its too late.
at first, it wasn't my intention to write in this way..but...extremely geram kan..arghh..i was just in the beginning to forget everything tup2 it came in this way. hate it! i wish doraemon is a reality not as just fantasy..lets countdown 28 more days to go! (clock ticks now..tik..tok..tik...tok).

p/s is wishing u would vanish like a vampire been killed... peace no war!

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