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Saturday, October 9, 2010

six days after

heheh cant wait for next week, on 17th (study week)..hehe..miss my baby fb..gonna active it lol! my pure reason is because gonna share the spot questions, scheme or anything bout exam papers rr (okay, u may vomit now)..but it is real la. no offense. huhu
here, i would like to take this opportunity by wishing a welcome warm to my classmates, sitie (
amri (
for being a blogger...welcome guys!..its a nice thing to share ours. do updates k.


zumiela7 said...

padahal x sabo dh tue nk on9 fb nye..tahan je nafsu tu slame nie..hahaha

mE iS aS said...

masyaallah adik..niat akak murni adik..nk share2 soklan spot..for the sake of us gak kn..cei2...lalallla