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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

energy loss

hi bloggers..hmm..actually nothing important i wanna share here except my heavy schedule on this week and the rest of this year...bye bye 2010...(eh2,blom ag rr)..

wed (morning) - being a facilitator for a school trip from sk kuala krai
       (afternoon) - went to jerteh for medal's taking
       (evening) - sukaneka..
       (night) - final debat inter unit...go ppismp sem 3 go!!!

thurs (morning) - as usual, lecture lecture n lecture
        (evening) - tennis tourney

fri - tennis tourney again

sat (morning-evening) - hockey tourney
(night) - taekwondo training
sun (night) - taekwondo training

mon (evening) - taekwondo grading

exam schedules

1/11 english studies
2/11 malay studies
10/11 ks 1
15/11 ks 2

balikkkkkk!!!!! cpt la abes sem ni. @-@

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