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Saturday, October 16, 2010

story of a day

sepandai pandai tupai melompat
akhirnya jatuh ke tanah jua...

tupai here refers to 'me'..(ok, u may laugh now). this morning, i woke up late, disengajakan okey. last night, i asked my roommate either she wanted to go to assembly or not. because the 1st period would be tutorial. like always, our tutor, he would enter the class but not doing anything. just sit on the chair in front and doing his work. the rest were free to do anything. cm bese la, morning routine : breakfast (sesi mkn beramai2). then zahraa answered, yup, she wanna go. so, i said ok lah. texted aini, asked her the same ques. but she gave different answer., we go at 8.15am okey! we missed assembly today (cm xbese jek). 


the most scary eerie part came. walked to class alone. my heart beats vigorously. dup dap dup dap. what was waiting me? suddenly, reached in front of my class, i saw three people were standing. my tutor, a man and a women.  the man, hmmm i think i know him. the face was familiar laa. but the women..nope at all. i was talking to myself, inner monologue people would say. (perlu ke sebut)..haha..the quest were;

sape makcik ni? eh2 mak sape lak dtg ni? ni staf mane? cleaner ke?

those were the questions keep flying in my mind. i moved my step forward in the class, she said something;

ni dtg lewat ke ni? ke ade pjumpaan ape2?

then my tutor mencelah;

ni ade pjumpaan ape ntah td..tenis ke ape..(credit to him: back up ank buah tuee)

i was muzzy, like im lost in thoughts. i didn't know she was talking to me. i thought that she talked to my tutor. because my tutor responds to hers. with innocent face, i walked to my place. the everybody looked at me. (aduhh nape lak ni).

the women just now called me

cikgu, talking to u. why u didn't give any responds to it?

i dgn selambe jek jwb;

what was your questions? (dlm hati, sape makcik ni neh, pembantu HEP ke)

she said,

u suppose to ketuk pintu, bagi salam bla3..minta maaf, sy terlewat bla3..

one word from me

OK..(i da ketuk tp salam xbg, hehe)

after that, she talked to my tutor, asked him sape org lg xdtg? my tutor cam nk xnk jwb je. ermm ade 1 org lg..(sbnrnye 3 ag, aina, mus n nuar) haha

after she left, hah bmulalah soksek soksek sana sini. who is she? cpt2, my friend told me, she is PENGARAH!!!...
tbeliak bijik mata aku, what? pengarah ke..gila ahh..aku igt makcik mane la td..she didn't look like a director pom. i swear. plus, she wasn't wore her name tag kan. how would i suppose to know that she is a director of my campus..i was trembling rr. ye r..director tuee..i plak menjwb (da die tnye, jwb r).
so, terkantoi lak rini dtg lewat. but proud la gak, ye r..opportunity to talk with someone who in highest postition in campus, DIRECTOR beb..diva gitu..(kepala hotak ko bangga as)

p/s moral of the not try to truant  k. pegi la assembly shelalu. peace no war!


gEnEraL aRe-yiE aL-BaNjaRi said...

juz say padan muka la....hahaha...
wat keje x reti nak cover....
smpai pngrah pon x knl.....
ktrg lek je.....

mE iS aS said...

ne aku tau die tu pengarah...siot tol...hahha...

pandaZemoo said...


siot ! aku pom xtau itu pengarah

rasanya pengarah besar sikit kot

pInKy LoVeR said...

hahahha....ambik ko makcik cleaner...hahahha

QuRrAtUl QuAiFa.. said...

aku pun xpasan siot..lain gile muka dia dr first tome tgk ritue.. sib abik aku xkena..hahaha

mE iS aS said...

panda: bsr???ko pnah tgk ea...die diet kot..kurus sket tue..

muni: r..klas kita kn ramai makcik cleaner dtg..dtg lalu lalang..haha

aini: hahha...nseb bek mu xkeno...kuba tgk da ke die b4 neh..mano..pasar male ko

zumiela7 said...

len kalie tgk org pandang2...mujur dr tue x suh ketuk ketampi...x pown jln itik mcm cik razak suh dlu..

mE iS aS said...

zaim: ok..len kali..tgk btol2 lu..hahaha..