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Friday, October 15, 2010


this is not about esc key in computer/lappy keyboard..ESC is a club that organized by jpp
kot...because most of the members in this club are from jpp. so, this morning we had a program called 'lawatan berprestij kesas ke ipg zon timur'.
kesas stands for

kelab sahabat siswa

actually we were received this trip from ipg kb. they were doing this trip around zon timur. before this, they went to ipg kdri. but here, we named it as ESC, stands for 

Excellent Sifoo Club

nothing more that i know from this club except now i am one of them..

p/s excellent ka??


gEnEraL aRe-yiE aL-BaNjaRi said... 2 ke...x da autoriti.....x da modul....g2 la...haha....tau dh sapa founder nye...

mE iS aS said...

yup..abg fahmi tue...esc tu cm ntah pe2 je..hahha...y tu kita off record la ea..haha..xpsl2 aku kene gam lak kt sni..hahah