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Sunday, September 6, 2009

what the care means about?

u both can go to *ell lah..ur not important whether u alive or die..i don't care..ur feeling??LIKE I CARE..u do not care bout mine, y i need to care yours..its useless to care bout u..u think that u r so so so good..thats a big mistake.there are many others that are better than u.remember that!..i know that i am not perfect either.n nobody is perfect.but plz plz..i beg u.plz be a responsible person.just a little.u need to realize that u r the ** of our class.everything is related to thing that i just realized bout u is u cannot be advise.after the black moment td, i declared that u r out from my friend' list.good bye *uckers...hope u success and enjoy ur own world...(mmg kurus pose aku rini)
p/s not matured(18thn) la je la


hafix said...

sabo je la kak oi...
budak2 memanng camni..

mE iS aS said...

disbbakan aku terpk kan diorg bdk2 la..aku ambk kputusan tuk bdiam diri je..wateva la..bdak xmatang!

pan paNDa said...

ngate katku
xmatang er..

mE iS aS said...

haha..koya kan 19..wekkkk