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Friday, September 4, 2009


how could u leave me alone dear??
do not get misunderstood with the word 'dear' refers to my roommate,zahraa..yesterday she went back home and left me..but im not feeling sad laa..instead i just stay in my room and do works.i have lots of assignment to be done before raya..huhu
forgot to tell that, i missed so many things and events that i should post it here.but due to not enough time,so i just skipped 'em.sorry for my followers(ade ker?)haha.basically my fasting month in ipgm is better than previous years, i mean when i was in uitm.because here, i can go to bazar ramadan and buy we know, there are more choices and duit pun byk la guna.huhu.but i do manage my account properly.kene la jimat.thx to my mom because trust me.hehe.she gave her car to me so that i can move freely.but no loafing k!
and just now, we KS gang gathered at cafe and did lil bit discussion(err).we ate murtabak that was treated by zaim and some drinks+ice-cream treated by alif.thx guys!
we all time our turn k.huhu


pan paNDa said...

er..asal zaim n alif j..aku??haha..

mE iS aS said...

ko blnje gak ke la..korg ber3 laa