Great souls endure in silence

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Sunday, September 13, 2009


oh gosh, i beat prime minister..
word that can describe my situation now is extremely miserable
my time has been fulled with work, work, else
everyday, i just sleep for about two hours..3am-5am..then got sahur with murtabak or, i missing home (jiwang da). yesterday, me and my partner of KKP MATH got very very busy in finishing our short coursework. the due date is 13th sept but we have done nothing. as usual, our principe, chillax..haha..some of us have settled but mostly not yet r. they all kept kecoh2, kalut2 in their work. and i just kept silence and watched their gelagat..deep in my heart, i giggled myself. basically yesterday i am different. till my classmate asked me,
as, nape senyap je rini?
huhu...i just answered ngantok r..sorry.


zaim najmie said...

ooo...kire cover la nie... plastik tull blogger gurlz nie...padahal die pown risau gak coz kkp x ciap!!! aperpown, i feel really sorry about ur missing dompet....

mE iS aS said...

hahah..kne r cover2...dlm bkn men ag cuakk..grrr..haha

udah jmpe!!!thx god