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Thursday, September 17, 2009

from B to KB

saturday- at 8.30 am, we social studies were started our journey to Kota Bharu..(bunyi cm la jauh sgt) huhu..13 people with 3 cars..the drivers are ehem2 me, zahar and 'crazy' passengers, alif+zahraa+zaim
actually, the main reason why we wanna go there because requested from johorians which is they wanna know KB and get something for their family..baek btol niat dorg. so we the kelantanese just suggested lets go to parkson and kbmall. the symbols of kelantan. chewah. they did asked bout how about rantau pjng. ohh, sorry to said, i can't go there because bla3..(xshuke sane). then along the journey, we did raced for a while. for those who read this, plz don't tell my mom.hehe. i was the, follow with dayat which we called him the crazier driver, and lastly was zahar panda. bug among flowers.huhu
first, we went to parkson, pasar MPKB, mydin, kamdar n kbmall. i could feel how exhausted we were at the moment.uhh. due to our over-timing at kbmall, which is we played bowling. we need rushed back to our campus. we departed from zahraa's house at 6.30pm and stopped at restoran tok bali when azan mahgrib. zahar's group was there waiting for us because they did departed earlier. we mkn2... and not forgetting, sholat2..alhamdulillah we arrived at campus at 8.30am. so basically our 12-hours day was superb and awesome.


pan paNDa said...

aku x race r..
aku panatu dr belakang jak
x caye tye ida..haha

mE iS aS said... la tue...