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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

two in the morning

i am still awake..fresh.but got lenguh2 r. my lappy is still on since now, its around 12hours already. what i am doing when others are sleepy in their comfort bed? i am finishing my kerja kursus pendek Kemahiran Belajar..together with my roommate, n classmates. we were connecting via ym, sms..that are the only ways that we have to discuss. biase la, laki kn blok lain...ok, move on to our principe. actually, me n my roommate, zahraa have decided to be cool, calm, and rushing2, kalut2, kepoh2 etc . and now, we are not submitted ours yet..huhu


Mohd Alif said...

well......human is beautifully up....dont moody2 ya.....just hope....they will understand day.......hehhe

mE iS aS said...

haha...ok dude..chillax always.