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Saturday, September 5, 2009


i am a killer???
oh no..i'm not guilty..its not my was can ask my friends.they were the witnesses of the kjadian ptg td..hmm as usual, me as the driver together with four passengers went to bazar around 5.30pm.we use the same road but today it was quiet different.with the cows everywhere and distractions by the motorcycle.out of the blues, from far i saw a cow crossed the road. urgently i slowed-down the speed.but..jeng3
suddenly the baby cow came out from mane ntah crossed the road too..that made me got shock like seeing a ghost.then quickly i presses the brake with sekuat hatiku.unfortunately it was hit by my car..everyone is stiffed especially sha..haha..then i felt exasperated with the pakcik near roadside.they laughed at could 'em..bkn nk tlg pom,uhh..dat was the story of an i reached at bazar and started to shopping a bundle of food..(ordered by zaim,alif n adzhar)..tomorrow your turn plk!


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lawak lah ko..aku cuakk giler..rase bersalah je kt ank lembu tu