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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

prime minister?

currently at polytechnic merlimau, melaka...for 1st national enter-college english debate .will be here from today till 3rd of oct 09..
about coursework, now, ive done sej msia, pai, elp, ela...zahraa will take over as a leader of the group for temporary..hope she`ll doing fine.. and..two more left are tmk n sains politik...

alright, back to the original story.about tournament.this is the 1st tournament that ive been participated..hello world, im a new debater..our ipg had sent two teams consists of team a-(me,qis,aini n sarah),team b-(jef,adam,sis bert n sis nina)..and im in a junior team.for the 1st match, we as a government had beat up our opposition which is from cosmopoint melaka. the margin was maybe around 9 kot.seronok bkn main ag.while waiting for the result to be announce, we had snapped some pics together.(cm yakin sgt mng nyer)..haha..

2nd match, due to our rank was on the top two, so we fight with iium. at this time, we played as opposition.gabra glerr..well, as we expected earlier, iium won the match with margin 7..hehe.(kalah berbaloi rr)
hmm 3rd match, again, we as a government lost to tuan rumah, polytechnic merlimau.margin was only only one..tipis jerrr..oh this match, im not in-just be a reserve.sarah took my role as a prime minister..
ok then, last match before to quartel final..we against polytechnic seberang perai. result was undefined..lose or win..we didn't care at all..hmm but we could feel that we lost..haha..
on the other night, before going back to campus, we were having a 'dinner'..dinner with on our own budget at restaurant tpi jln..the menu was nasi ayam msk merah.
so...overall, even we were not reached to quartel final but with the valueable experiences that we gained, i think it worth enough.
now, i feel that english debate is the best la put in a nutshell(skema nyer), was a jubilant moment ever especially the 1st class hospitalities-FOOD+SERVICE=awesome!!

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