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Saturday, August 23, 2008

3G broadband! last i succeed to persuade my lovely mom to buy me a broadband...3G celcom broadband

a BIG of thanks to mom...hehe(big grin)

it started like this, one night..the last day of PC fair at dad asked me bout wireless etc regarding to internet network laa..

and then, i told him bout broadband...very very portable but quite expensive...rm500 something..

my bro and i went to kbmall and got to celcom center,asking bout this...

i was surprised because the prince on that night just only cheap!(compared to real prince laa)

i told my mom..bla bla bla...and told her everythings..bout difficulties to get internet at campus..if desperate, need to go starbucks which is highly cost..rm10 per that,it is hard to do assgnments without find the sources..hahah(am i a good daughter)....of course,that was reality..

lastly, my mom agreed to buy me a that night, we bought two for me, one for my dad...

now,im using it..rm68 per month(my 1st bro will pay dis)..ahahha

i luv u so muccchhhh mom!!!

from now on, i can update my blog from time to more more room my priority!


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