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Monday, August 25, 2008

assignments`s war?

everybody keep on to stay in their room respectively according unfinished the condition of the campus this night, more dating people (the main talk here)..huhu..

so am i...not finished up the assignments during the sem break..holidays is for holidays,relaxing,sleeping..not doing works..haha (wau, statement!)..

tonight, i need to stay up..hmm maybe till 2 or 3 a.m...i want to settle sir nawy`s assignments. and the most vital is..tomorrow, i have to do mock-teaching for both sessions...uhhh...i dont know how my condition will be, but i can feel that..very exhausting one..

for tomorrow`s morning, hmm its quite ok la...because i just need to read my slide shows..i mean not 100% the same time, i also need to explain a little that, the other student does not get boring..same to the lecturer.

all i worry the evening with madam ju..wah, fully nervous. this really taught and i need to prepare as well as i could..perfect! that, everything will be going smoothly...

ok...need to assignments have calling me.huhu..tata

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