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Saturday, August 23, 2008

what a gloommiest holiday?

what caused this holiday`s time bleak n cheerless????

my lovely hubby was not coming home!!!...he need to go for camping at Tasik Kenyir for a week...such a long period...and the most scary and challenging is...camping in the jungle...i dont know lah either that jungle is still virgin..huhu

i was so chagrined because i thought that, i can meet him this sem break...but two days before i went home, he informed me that such a saddy news...huhu and i said..ok,never mind dear..(ceyy)..miss abg-damn it!


besides that, one of my friends also didn`t got the holidays for sem break....her name is ili...she`s now at UNITEN..taking accounting...miss her so much...


but, im not saying that this sem break was 100% bored...because i had chances..twice chances to meet Wawa,my buddy at campus... for the 1st time, we met at her friend house...just near to my home..n 2nd time, we went to KBmall...what else???shopping...

                                                                   me wif wawa n wani(back)

and then, hang outs. at that time also, our friend,nick was dating with his beloved gf,dlah(my bestfriend)..huhu

next, ASSIGNMENTS!!!!...lots of...very very miserable..

i can said that this holiday was not supposed to call holiday anymore..just changed the title...maybe..the days to finish up all the assignments..uhh

here,lets me list down the assignments that i need to submit:

1-termpaper,title:smoking, min:8pages

2-power point for presentation,chapter 8 MS

3-journal bout motivation,min:5pages

4-journal bout taking care of yourself,min:3pages

5-scrapbook,going to know uitm


7-reading journal 2

8-powerpoint for chapter 5,CR

9-muet textbook

10-exercises in writing textbook

11-revision on thesis statement


13-revision on grammar


uhh..wau...from 14,i just done 5...hahahah..5/14...ok lah tue,not bad..`good` job as...

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