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Monday, August 4, 2008


yestersay....that was really really a bad day for me...its looked like an omen...

in the morning, i went to petronas with my friend..we walked along the road..there was muddy on the road..well...can u guess now??

yeah.. car, damn the driver..f*ck him..what an irresponsible guy..he drove the car fastly..without look at me and my friend..i mean, did not looked at surroundings...and the muddy splashed onto my shirt, trousers, and the most face, my cutety face..huhu..

same to my friend..i screamed to that driver....but nothing could changed..i got very extremely angry..
i lost my temper on that never like this before...i want to KILL him!!! arghh...

its not end the evening, i got diarrhoea..uhh...what was my fault??pity me...about 3 times i went to the toilet consecutively...i thought may be due to the bread that i have eaten on that morning...hehe, actually the bread was already expired date....but i`ve no choice expect eat it..

i called my mum and told her what had happened to me...she laughed at me...hahaha!

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