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Thursday, June 12, 2008


Nowadays, it is found that just small percentages…about 15% only people who like to read. It is include all kinds of people such as workers, public people…and also students. This is such not a good habit especially for students group because as a students, the most vital thing to excel in education is by readings. Any kind of materials but commonly erudite books. Something that can bring benefit and knowledge to them laa.

Factors why people do not like to read:

People nowadays, think that reading is not crucial anymore and they just assume that reading is just small matter. Other reason is because their schedule of work is so compact until they have no leisure time to spend for reading.

Now, we are back to students. Actually from my own experience, students more prefer to listening compare to reading. But in the end, they have forgotten what they are listening to and take the shortcut or easy way…that is...ignored!

How to overcome this problem:

Government should think another alternative way to improve the mentality of Malaysian towards reading…for examples

Organize the campaign ….competition, like Nilam award etc…chooses an ambassador, usually we just take a famous artist which has a good manner. Example, now we have Siti Nurhaliza as an ambassador for reading campaign. The campaign is quite successful la.

For environment campaign, we have Zainal Abidin, a well-known singer…and is popular with environmental songs…really suit with him la…latest, Maya Karin…

Parents also must give the cooperation la, by play their roles as a parents or guiders. Encourage their children to love reading, because we all know that…Learning Begins at Home.

Instead, parents nowadays..they just legible their children and just let them to do whatever they want to do…without knowing which one is correct or at the end, their children become addicted to social life…at that time, no need to regret laa…

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